Killalashes By Nicole (@killalashesbynicole)

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100% cruelty free
Hand crafted
Vegan friendly
Reusable 15+ times

Our Lashes all come in our deluxe magnetic close box to store lashes between uses and they look great on any makeup table or vanity ♡♡

Natural Definition (@natural_definition)

Damaged lashes? No problem!

All sets of lashes are modified to your natural lashes, desired look and lifestyle (for ease of maintenance) ... they come russian, volume, hybrid, individual, different curls, varied weight/thickness and of course, different lengths.

If you are interested in lashes but unsure what the procedure is and what look you'd like why not book a patch test/consultation with us? You can do this via or drop us a message 💗

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Lashes by Cynthia (@cynthia_lashes)

Although I try to explain my clients how eyelash extensions work, there is still plenty of them who come in panic and ask why the lash extensions pull out their natural lashes.
The answer is: They don't.
If applied properly, lash extesnions don't pull out natural lashes. Our own lashes fall out naturally but usually it happens unnoticeably. We lose 3-5 lashes a day / each eye. The lashes fall out and grow back straight away.
When we put lash extensions on them, they'll last as long as natural lashes live. Once they're old enough, they fall out and take extensions. So the effects and how long they last, depend mostly on how long our natural lashes' growth cycle is.
At last - as long as there is a lash extension attached to ONE natural lash, do not worry, it's absolutely natural process and that's how it's supposed to be. BUT, if you see the extension attached to two or more, that means they've been done wrong and inform you technician about it. (It also feels uncomfortable; pulls, itches, makes you rub your eyes) 👁️👁️👁️

Lash Parade (@lashparade_lashes)

Flash back to the stunning @lateciat wearing #darksoul lashes. That face! Don't miss the last days of our sale. Up to 70% off lashes!

Rebecca SB (@savagebeautygirl)

That mascara though!!!! Speaks for itself doesn't it?!! Up to 500% increase in volume and length 😮😮😮😍😍😍 grab your 3d fiber lashes mascara at my website (link in bio) ❤️

Brows on Point (@browsonpoint.neufahrn)

Wimpernlaminierung 65€
Wimpernlaminierung + Färbung für einen noch intensiveren Look 70€
Wimpernlaminierung, Färbung & Lash-Botox 80€ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #wimpernlaminierung #wimpernlifting #wimpernverlängerung #wimpern #wimpernbotox #lashes #lashlift #lashbotox #lashesonpoint #browsonpoint #münchen #munich #unterschleissheim #oberschleissheim #neufahrn #naturwimpern #neufahrnbeifreising #eching #dachau #beauty #lashstylist