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Heading to the @vgnmkt today to see friends and eat from some cool new vendors!
Pictured: a rose latte from @roseandbasil made with Oatly I got with @tenderandsweethooligan yesterday! 💗
Personal Stuff: also, if you watched the tail end of my stories you know that I'm really struggling with retaining any sort of memories. If you've dealt with derealization/depersonalization before you know that it feels like you're living life drunk. I must seem a bit ~off~ to those I interact with, and it might get written off as typical me being a bit weird but. If I seem disconnected, it's because I am. If I seem lost, it's because I don't feel attached to my body. Maybe that's why I instinctually take so many pictures. I'm just left a spacey mess trying to figure out why my body is responding in this way, because it is a response to something, be it an unconscious trigger or weird form of flashback. Sometimes even when I have a 'regular' flashback it takes my mind WEEKS to recover and feel normal again, as if that's the amount of time it takes to rebalance or process. Process what? I don't know! In the meantime my productivity has shot down incredibly, because I can't focus. And it's just a mess. Not asking for advice, just...writing. 🙃💀🐙

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Morning essentials...C O F F E E ☕️

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love your latte and foccacia pollo style as post ride feed #ciboespresso. loud bib knicks courtesy of kallisto sports. shaving by gillette, stealth lake shoes and boring sock doping.
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Loneliness as big a killer as obesity and as dangerous as heavy smoking.

17% of older people are in contact with family, friends and neighbours less than once a week and 11% are in contact less than once a month (Victor et al, 2003)


Frightening stuff, eh?.. I was watching a thing on TV a few nights ago. About loneliness, and of course I always knew loneliness is a serious thing. But I never thought about it properly!
One thing tho that has been playing in my mind was a lady saying..... 'next time your standing in line at the shop or post office, and the lady or man is talking to the cashier for a few minutes, before getting annoyed, think to yourself that this could be the only conversation that person may have for the rest of the day'

So this made me think!.... If ANY ONE out there who is reading this, and you feel lonely, sad or down. Or if you know someone feeling like this, our doors are ALWAYS opened.... We aren't anything special, but we are friendly, we are inviting, we do care about the people spending time in the cafe!
Come down, have a coffee, have a sandwich, have a chat. Say hello. Don't feel if you don't have many people close to you in your life that you can't come down to us, for a few hours just for a bit of company!
If you know any body who may be lonely, call up to them, ring them or text them.... A simple 'hello, how's things?' can make a huge difference to a persons day!

Make our happy place, your happy place too ♥️ .
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Mocha lattes and vegan brownies ♥️

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This weekend I spent a lot of time in different coffee shops finalizing my portfolio. I was pleasantly surprised how many conversations I overheard about Jesus, about church, about the INN which I used to be apart of in undergrad, about the Vision 16 houses in the u-district, about the Ave house guys checking in on how the younger freshmen were doing, and how many people and names I recognized along the way. What was even better was thinking about how many other people, who maybe don’t know Jesus, but overheard the same things I did. 🙌
Meditating on this today:
The Lord is my Shepard,