✌️😇KhalidPedro👹👉👌 (@abrakhadapper)

When you been out huntin all day to feed the wife and two kids and near giving up for the day you find prime eats just chillin in da marsh by the lake so you launch your mighty spear at that bitch and it starts moving so you miss and your spear that was custom made for you for the day you became a warrior breaks so now you livid af and you hurry to grab the end of your spear to use as a knife and you a G so you took that FuckBison down anyway and bagged a couple chupacabras too so you feelin SlickRick af strollin your gangsta strolls back home and got all that food back home and bae and the squirts are inside sittin at the table wit "NukTuk the HungHung" neighbor who just thought it'd be nice to bring his single ass over with surprise din-din while you were gone and you collapse wondering if he stuffed her mouth with anything other than food while you were gone

Miśtër_Speňçer®️ (@ijayblaze)

To my co-worker who gums look like old chocolate 😂😂😂😂 #yeahyeah #iknowwhereimgoing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
#laughing #quietly

Sulis Cinta Rasul (@suliszehra)

Rangkaian bunga indah yang diberikan suamiku di hari ulang tahunku kemarin..panjatan doa yang ditujukannya hanya untukku..terima kasih ya ko...semoga do'a yang tulus dikabulkan Allah yang Maha Segalanya....wo ai ni koko @alfin_febryan ❤️ sayangin aku terus yaa....... #husbandandwife #besthusband #couple #besthusbandever #partner #partnerincrime #happy #laughing #enjoylife #rumahtangga #suamiistri #grateful #bersyukur #bahagia #alhamdulillah