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Yeri geldi sürdük, yeri geldi kokladık, kuruttuk, sakladık.. E artık yemenin de vakti gelmişti 💜🌾
Tadını ve hissini anlatmak isterdim fekat hiç o topa girmicem ama insan arada bir kendine bunu yapmalı demek de boynumun borcudur.. Arz ederim!
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My mom introduced me to essential oils years ago so I learned about all the great benefits and bought diffusers for every room in my house.
But after my daughter got diagnosed with EDS she started showing signs of sensitivities and allergies, so I stopped using my diffusers.
Until now...
let me introduce you to a personal diffuser with my favorite essential oils in blends of three. Each blend is design for a different feel, from Sleepy to Vibrant. The company calls it "therapeutic air", but don't be mistaken by the word "air" because (as far as I'm concerned) it's not for breathing as much as tasting.
The MONQ is design to be taken through the mouth, then the air is held there for a few seconds and released through the nose. No need to take into the lungs.
For me, MONQ is more for tasting during the few seconds I hold the air in my mouth; however, the aroma is also pleasant and part of the experience. To get the best benefit, the MONQ is only recommended to be used 3 times a day, 2/3 puffs each time. I take two puffs of Sleepy right before bed.
I was so pleased with Sleepy that I went back for more blends and was not disappointed. If you use the link in my bio 👆you'll receive 10% off and I will also get in store credit. Or go to
The company is very trustworthy, worth recommending. Enjoy! #introtoMONQstar15

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Lavender Ice Cream taste like earl grey tea #lavender #icecream #bridgestowelavenderfarm

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“What makes a treasure a treasure." Marine replied, "is how rare a find it is, when you need it the most.” Jodi Picoult, Between the Lines #NayPalad #Jewelry

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อื้อหือออออ ลาเวนเดอร์เขียวชะอุ่ม ไม่เหมือนที่คิดไว้ ขับรถมาไกลคือสวยมากจริงๆ #throwback #launceston #lavender #lavenderfarm #tasmania #australia #ยังๆรูปยังไม่หมดกลับมาลงใหม่ 🤣🤣