Jenna Hazel || Hazel & Heart (@jenna.hazel)

This delicious flatbread situation was described in Dutch with a word that directly translates to “pizza bag.” 😂 We kind of expected a calzone when we ordered, and still aren’t quite sure why “bag” was included in the translation, but multiple times throughout our trip we died laughing about it. Sometimes lines get crossed in translation and I can’t think of a more comical example than a flatbread vs a “pizza bag.” 😂 // from @laviniagoodfood a flatbread with roasted pumpkin, arugula, pears, and hazelnuts that I would order a million times over ✨

Gastrolish (@gastrolish)

Enjoying a slice of banana bread in good company on a Sunny Sunday! ❤️ #laviniagoodfood #sunnysunday #bananabread #amsterdam #nofilters #catchuptime

Fanny || Ainsi va Fanny (@ninooou)

Le coup de cœur pour ce lieu est passé aussi par la déco, tellement cosy 💕

Fanny || Ainsi va Fanny (@ninooou)

L'une des chouettes adresses découvertes à Amsterdam, avec un choix de pâtisseries de folie ❤️

Katie Newens (@k_newens)

The perfect place to do some design work this morning #laviniagoodfood