Kelly Alger (@mrsrainbow_kel)

A rock n roll Saturday night for me while husbo is out being a rock star. I'm editing my website ( and watching Come Dine With Me. I never even got dressed today.
Gutted I've missed the gig, but I'll go next time I can.... #lazy #livingthedream #editing #websitebuilding #ineedmoreweddings #missmyhusband

Judea (@judeashrinks2018)

Snacks I didn’t process because I’m DONE with the kitchen! #lazy #mealprep

Hamlet (@sirhamlettheragdoll)

One of my favorite places to nap and lounge 😴 who else enjoys the top of the couch?

Dorien🎀 (@dorienscheyvaerts)

D o n o t h i n g c l u b.🙋🏼‍♀️