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Part: 12
Y/n pov:
^^Moving Day^^
"Y/n the moving truck is here let's go." I ran down the stairs stepping outside walked over to the car and hoped in. I haven't seen Harry since the day we had hooked up and official became a couple. He also hasn't texted or called me which i found really werid, but im excited to see him at the new house. After about an hour drive we pulled into a big long driveway. Once the car came to a stop I rushed out the car and ran up to the house to meet with my soon to be step father. I greeted him and walked in to explore the house, and in hopes to find Harry. After exploring the first floor I ran up to the second floor checking every room for Harry. After looking through at least 6 room I walked down a hall and came to a door that was isolated from every other door. I knocked softly but no one answered so me being me I walked right in to find Harry laying on his new bed. "Hey." I spoke softly. "What the fuck do you want." Harry spit harshly. I was taken back by his tone. "I haven't seen you in like a week, and you didn't call or text me." "So I didn't want to talk to you." "What is wrong with you I thought you cared about me, and you wanted me to be yours." "Baby are you stupid?" "What?" "There is no you and me." "Harry what are you saying your confusing me?" "After thinking about somethings I don't want to be you. We're done." ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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