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#fbf to about 2 months ago. Couple things, don't compare yourselves to others in the sense you want to look like them or should look like them. You should look like yourself. -
You can however use it as motivation. When I was starting out on this journey about 5 years ago I saw a guy who was jacked. I was recently out of the Army, had gained a lot of weight and was looking to find a way to get back into shape. I hadn't lifted, besides powerlifting for football in highschool. I used the fact that I could transform myself and used those who had mastered the craft as motivation. Knowing it was possible and that it's possible to look phenomenal, naturally. -
That's what this next prep is dedicated to, to show you that anyone can do it. I'm going to lose 20-25lbs over the next few pounds and show you what's underneath. You may have built quite a good physique, you just have to chip away at the extra clay. Or you may have a couple more years to develop the muscle maturity. But just know that it is possible and you don't have to resort to PEDs. It's possible to do naturally and that's what I'm here to prove to you all. Not to take away from the hard work these enhanced guys put in, but I can do it, push it, and match (if not exceed) their results.

Whether you're looking for a little extra energy, better pumps with NO, a pick me up with preworkout , something for recovery such as glutamine or other BCAAs, CLA to lose a couple pounds, they have it. Check them out using the link below and use my personal code for free shipping. Don't be afraid to message me for nutritional/supplemental info (I am a certified Sports Nutritionist after all). https://www.outlawlaboratory.com/2531

Free shipping: OUTLAW-FS-2531

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Always nice to see something like this. After a clients first session. Good things to come. #andrewstrachanpt #mindset #change #legs #motivation #beabetteryou

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Early morning โ˜•๏ธrun in my new white SS18 "Tommy" platform kicks! ๐Ÿ’ฅ#ruthieshoefie

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