Dani March (@purposefulyogini)

NEW meditation technique up on @insight Timer this morning!

Eyes open meditation strengthens your ability to detach from stimulus and stay present, amidst the distractions.
Try this quick medi with a candle, relax your eyes, and allow yourself to be guided. 🔗 http://bit.ly/MeditateWithDani

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Carrie "On My Way To Namaste" (@onmywaytonamaste)

Today is #mindsetresetmondays and I remembered!  I always think about posting about meditation on any day other than Monday, so high five me!
I have really been off my meditation routine and I can tell.  My mind is running at a 100 mph and I need to slow down and be present.  Today I woke up and did it first thing for about 3 minutes before the baby woke up, so that was over.  But before a meeting I took 5 minutes to try it again and I feel so much better now.  Today was not my best day, but I feel like taking those 5 minutes will make the rest go much easier.

Thanks @sun_city_yogi for reminding us to all take a minute to center!  And I thought my “Lets Get Meditated” crop top would be the perfect shirt for the day!

PEAK 360 FITNESS (@peak360fitness)

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Ready to make the most of your YEAR? Start off with me @peak360fitness this Sunday for Mobility and Meditation at 9:30am! #letsgetflexyandhighonmeditation #lizafit #letsgetmeditated #namastebabies #atthecrossroads #stayfit305

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Ready to make the most of your YEAR? Start off with me @peak360fitness this Sunday for Mobility and Meditation at 9:30am! #letsgetflexyandhighonmeditation #lizafit #letsgetmeditated #namastebabies #atthecrossroads #stayfit305

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Welcome to Kava Mala Creations! 10% of all sales are donated to helping save our furry friends 🐾🐕🐈 #108 #108beads

Kimberly Denise (@ascendwithkim)

✨🙏🏻 Ready to LOSE your mind? 🙏🏻✨
Meditation... It always sounded like a good idea to me, but whenever I would try I'd either fall asleep or I'd have so many thoughts that I would give up after a few minutes.
Or...a baby/child would wake up
Or walk in... Or I could hear kids fighting/arguing in another room (a bit distracting 😫)
And I beat myself up about it. About not meditating. I knew it was something I should be doing but really I had no idea where to begin or what to do.
I'd go over to Google or YouTube to research, but there's so much frigging info I'd get lost and overwhelmed...and then it was dinner time. .
The worst part is, the idea I had about what meditation *was*, was the main reason I took so long and struggled to develop a practice for myself.
I thought that I needed... .
✨ long amounts of time to set aside
✨ a fancy pillow
✨ incense and sage
✨ compete quiet and stillness (with a big family...MAYBE at 3am?)
And the thoughts...OMG the thoughts. They wouldn't stop. In fact it's as if they increased during the meditation. WTF?! .
What I didn't realize at the time was that meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body, and like working out, there are different types of exercise for every body, and there isn't a "one size fits all" solution to mediating either.
Then I discovered a mindfulness technique that could be done literally anywhere, any time, in any situation or circumstance...and it changed my life.
This technique led to me gaining the awareness and the ability to begin to manage the anxiety and pain attacks I'd been having for years.
It led me to finding a place within myself that became my source of peace and tranquility even in life's most hectic trials and tribulations. .
It led me to becoming a more conscious version of myself, and the ability to "go within" on command.
From this place, and over time...I discovered ways to fit in various "meditations" and mindfulness techniques within my crazy busy schedule.
Most importantly to me, I lost my old mind and created a brand new one. [continued in comments below...]

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Buddha Performance (@buddhaperformance)

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