Weiwei Sun (@sun_weiwei)

Inner peace is the most important thing in our life. Because inner peace is the source of our happiness, our good health and our longevity. Because inner peace helps us to do things better. 💚💞💚💞💚 24 Jan 2018

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Yoga classes:

Friday and Monday 7.00am at the Exhale Centre for Wellbeing 3/111 Scarborough St Southport Gold Coast Australia
Saturday and Sunday 8.20am 9.30am at Miami Yoga Room 1924 Gold Coast Hwy Gold Coast Australia

Melissa Fino (@loveyourlifecommunity)

Trust me... ✨ If it’s not going to matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes stressing on it. ✨ buh-bye 🙅‍♀️ #letthatshitgo #loveyourlifecommunity

✨💫 (@ntmpoet)

the kind of fear that leaves you in the middle of the grocery store and you're not certain if that's your abuser...
but you're also too scared to risk running into them so you abandon your entire cart-just in case. this mindset controlled me for so long, and it feels so real and silly at the same time. if you can relate to this here are some ways I cope with these feelings:
• I listen to music and zone in
• I bring a friend or family member for support
-if they can't be there in person, a phone call also helps me • I remember I'm in a public place and that kinda helps
• deep breathing
• I go to another grocery store or try again later
• remind yourself that you have more control and power in the situation than you think, be wise about your choices.
• if you know you're going to be in danger by seeing this person, reach out for the store manager to walk you to your car and keep a police number in your contacts.
feel free to contribute ideas below on how to overcome these moments and help empower others, I'm always looking for new ideas
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Laura O'Neill (@laurabeanoneill)

Well my motorbike was stolen from outside my house tonight, but then this little guy chose me as his owner, so now I have two problems instead of one but at least one of them is cute #thejoysoflife #ahsure #lettinggo #again #vietnam

Julie Pleva Hancock (@mommaknowsbest42)

As the mom of a kid with a #foodallergy, this sign couldn’t have been more reassuring last night at our #middleschool parent night last night. 🙌🏻 B’s getting excited about the transition for next fall, but this was one of his biggest worries, heading to a school where lunch tables are no longer assigned, like they are in elementary school. We are always teaching him that he has to learn how to co-exist with people who can have the foods he’s #allergic to, because when he gets into the #realworld, he can’t completely #avoid all peanuts and tree nuts. But gosh, this sure is a welcomed next step for him - and for this momma who’s sending him onward and upward! ❤️ Thanks for that #Godwink! 😉😇 #mommabear #helpthemgrowup #lettinggo #justalittlebit 😉

K.c. Cooper (@kccooper10)

🙌 Letting go has been the hardest journey for me in my life. Whether it has been letting go of someone you’ve loved, a situation you have no control over, other’s behaviors or feelings/thoughts, etc. it takes courage. Holding on and trying to control can only limit you and lets you live in fear. Be brave, be bold, and accept what is. Remember... letting go opens new and brighter experiences, creates peace and allows you to heal. Surround yourself with beauty and people that cherish all of your amazing qualities. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. ❤️#loveyourself #lettinggo #mindfulness #spreadingkindness #selfcare #surroundyourselfwithlove

Kristen Noel (@kristennoelwriter)

Ok something’s got to give. Either the Christmas 🎄 wreath on my front porch has to go...or the squirrel 🐿️😳#lettinggo #transitions

Breakup Recovery Coach (@anita_naumoff)

Yes, affairs happen due to unhappy marriages but they can also happen in good marriages too.
There are numerous reasons why a partner chooses to walk down the road of infidelity...and many actually have nothing to do with having a troubled relationship, lack of intimacy or their partner. Did you know that more than 90% of couples believe that monogamy is important, but almost half of them admit to cheating on their partner? 😳
Feelings of being emotionally disconnected, sexual dissatisfaction, and feeling devalued, are some reasons people cheat. But there are many others. Feeling trapped, low self esteem, joy of the conquest, fear of commitment, sexual addiction, narcissism, feeling the need to be reckless...the list goes on and on.
Often times we internalize our partners affair. Somehow we feel like we’re to blame. We weren’t good enough or that something is wrong with us. I know from personal experience how painful the truth of an affair is. I remember feeling like my whole world shattered around me. I immediately went into self blame and even started to hate myself. It was extremely difficult to comprehend what had happened. But that type of thinking only ended up hurting me more. The best thing I ever did for myself is to come face to face with the truth. Truth of the affair. Truth of the relationship. Truth of him. Truth of me. 💕Once I had a full understanding of all of the above, I was able to begin healing and completely transform my life. 💕 One of the first steps I take with my clients is the process of working through a Relationship Inventory - the good, the bad, everything. It isn’t an easy process, but when done with an open heart and mind, magic happens. 💕

Manda Dougherty (@mandamdoc)

Saturday, Feb 24th @ 9:15 am -join me An Unlikely Story.
Falling into Place-

Please join Manda Dougherty for a yoga workshop that will engage in a culmination of learning key components in letting go and finding your inner peace. We will be doing so in a way that can help you shift your life in a more mindful and meaningful way.
While performing in a fluid yoga practice, we will also be embarking on creating safe and sacred spaces for ourselves. Using all of our own tools to hone in on a basic journey that can help us daily to deal with all of our current "life stuff". We are all on our own voyage, some content, others above par, while many are hurting. The notion of my intention through this workshop is that we are all yearning for a sense of peace-In some shape or form. Whatever that may look like. It ’s how we process these things or try to " let go" of them that will get us to that space that we need and perhaps long for.
Whether you are dealing w loss of a loved one, a job, health and sickness, trouble w family or friends, perhaps finances, or something much deeper like addiction or your very own secret-Remember it’s never too late for a restart. A recharge. A new set of boundaries! Whatever you are going through- I honor you and know that in this darkness though it seems unimaginable, know it is never too late to let go-move fourth and create a seal of reset! I look forward to sharing in this practice and journey with you.

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Jama Elise (@missjelise)

"When you find yourself struggling, remember that letting go is no diffrent than letting your breath out. It's a passive event. You just have to stop holding on, and allow yourself to heal."
As of right now, this is all I've got. Letting go rather than holding on is an art in itself. Trying to overcome the battles of where I am and where I want to be. Where I long to be. I'm at a pivotal point in my life, where all these possibilities are possible if I just let go of the things I call, "mine". Something's are easier said than done and no one truly knows your story like you do. Each event creates a chain reaction and the question lies, "Is this healing me or hindering me?". All the things that pile up, the things I compartmentalize still bring me to the point where I just have to stop holding on (onto anger, fear, past memories, trauma, sickness, bitterness, unforgivness, rebellion) and allow myself to walk in eternal healing. There are places I run to that are a "comfort" yet with that comfort brings chaos because I search for peace in all the wrong places. But the hope is, I at least know this:: I know God sees me, he knows me, and he is pursuing me; and in His pursuit, if I just let go, if I quit grasping onto those things of death-there is healing and such power in His name.
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Kundalini Yoga Teacher 🇫🇷🇪🇸 (@gabriellethil)

Hope you are enjoying lovely moments with your family and friends.
So sunny in Madrid, lately... it feels like it is already spring.
Here is a picture taken 2 days ago in the small wood close to my home... love going for a walk there.
Here is a quote I LOVE!!! “A wise woman is never old. She is a place of worship.”
Any thought about it?
If you want to know more about Kundalini Yoga, I am glad to offer you a FREE guide + a 3 part serie video to introduce you to this powerful  form of yoga (link in my bio).
Sat Nam,
Gabrielle - Puranshant Kaur

Sacred Tara 🙏✨🌹 (@sacred_tara)

Just chill ✌️ sit by some flowers and soak it all in. 🌻

I’ve been feeling like there are so many things being shown to me this year that are ineffective and need to be let go of. My mind comes in and wants to hold on... and worry.
But let’s remind ourselves of all the times we have asked to be in more alignment and how the process is always unfolding to show us how this can come into true form.
Flowers done worry about the shade, they just shine in the sun 🌞

Gigi Bean (@storyofmylifeinpix)

Every day I'm getting more #focused on #healing #lettinggo of old and new #isms , finding #peace and #freedom from the #oldbondage that keeps trying to #creep back in. #itworksifyouworkit #alcoholicismisreal #addictionisreal #codependencyisreal this #disease is #hurting me over and over and over. It #killed my #son, so excuse me while you take it all so #personal ... #mysondied #griefsucks and frankly so do most of us. #hangingbyastring

DarshnaSiva (@darshnas)

It’s not even the end of January 2018!

What a week

Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn be prepared to break apart the mind games, stories and dramas of old.
It’s time to press the reset button, start to do some retraining and notice how much impact those thoughts and words have.
The let up is not in sight.
So do the work and fly! Intuitive Readings available for guidance/insight contact me darshna@DarshnaSiva.com 🙏