cyndy7 (@cyndy7)

It’s the friends we meet along the way, that helps us appreciate the journey~

So thankful for these ladies, this journey, this opportunity, and just how amazing this #coachlife has been!

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Alana Grace Correll (@agc_fit)

👆This did NOT happen overnight🚫
👆This is NOT from a wrap, a pill, a diet shake, a detox tea or spending hours working out everyday.🚫
👆This is NOT from waking up everyday and hating the person I see in the mirror.🚫
👆This IS from time, consistency, hard work and "failures" along the way.🔥
👆This IS from balanced nutrition, daily chocolate superfoods, and an hour or less of working out daily.🔥
👆This IS from loving my self, even on the bad days.🔥
If you want someone who's going to tell you this will be quick or easy then, babe, I am not your girl🚫 If you are ready to put in the time and effort and want someone who will support you while also giving you the tough love you might need from time to time😜 then hey, girl #letsdothis Are you ready?👊🔥💋#transformationtuesday #lifebydesignnotbydefault .
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Gluten Free Life,EO Living+VA (@michellenituama)

Keeping it light at easy for tea tonight with this avocado Caesar salad from @cafedelites

Wilhelmina Ford (ingreimagined)

You know when you get something new you ty and preserve the state of it: clean it constantly 🤪 It becomes a priority, almost and OCD
This is me at the moment with my new place. Every morning for the last 4 days I have swept every dog hair, every crumb and scrubbed every spec of dirt of the floor to keep it as clean and lovely as it was when I first moved in #obsessed😍
I do it when the kids are sitting eating breakfast and the dogs outside eating hers and that way I am double tasking and also don’t have little feet and paws kicking dirt everywhere.
Have you got something new lately you’re doing similar with? I’d love to hear so I don’t feel so alone on this manic momentary madness #laughatmyself #instachallenge18

IJay Espinoza 🔹 Arsenal (@livingarsenal)

It’s one of those “Work Hard, Play Hard” on overdrive kind of weeks. Happy Monday!! 👊🏽
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Megan Kessimakis (@kessi.mae)

Gus has been learning the ways of the DZ again! It's been a fun trip to Mequite getting @kmanferrin in the sky and myself some time to relax. 💜💙💚 love this life of ours!

madi ❁ (@cosmicindigoo)

Mornings in bed with bae 🐶🌅
Today marks the first day of my week of freedom ((spring break)) and babe is gone til 5 pm, all my real life friends are outta town, and all my online friends are out enjoying the sun or something cool
So this is just gonna be our look today, plus my arms abs and ass workout, stretching, reading, a tall latte and dancing to disco in my bedroom in between work thaaangs cuz priorities🕺🏽🍑✨
I rock my own world, I ain’t mad 💅🏼
Happy Monday

Cara McConnell (@caramcconnell_)

I’m so excited to show you guys the company I’ve been collaborating with lately! @smilebrilliant’s custom whitening kit is AMAZING and they don’t cause me sensitivity like the other store bought brands. Being a stay at home mom means I’m constantly on the go and constantly drinking cup after cup of coffee. I’m excited to wear all of the bright red lippies without my teeth looking yellow! 💋😍🙌🏼✨
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Coach Charisse (@coachcharisse)

Five a.m.and a guy next to me at the checkout says, "that's the way to do it, go workout then eat that food and gain it back...!" Laughing of course, he thought he was funny.
I kindly looked at him holding my two honeycrisp apples, red bell pepper, bunch of bananas and a pound of lean ground turkey...and said, "Not with these foods I'm not!"
He said, oh well, yeah I guess. I explained to him that it's my job, I get paid to be healthy! I make a living out of taking care of myself! He didn't know what to say, as I exited, I called back I'll be here almost every morning if you'd like my card, making a mental note to put some in my workout jacket!
And that, people, is how you practice what you preach!
#lifebydesignnotbydefault #beautiswole #healthyishappy #cleaneating

Alana Grace Correll (@agc_fit)

When in doubt, sweat it out 💪
Yup, that just happened 👆 All that cheesy, motivational shit...guess what? It's true!😜
Life happens to us all, we can't control that. But, we can control our action. And I've found a good sweat sesh is pretty darn helpful in almost any situation.🏋️️‍♀️
So you're tired, happy, busy, stressed, motivated, or feel like a sloth? Go workout! If you're feeling down it will make you feel better. If you're feeling good it will make you feel even better🙌 Your body and mind will thank you😘 Happy Monday, babes🔥💋#letsdothis #lifebydesignnotbydefault .
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Wilhelmina Ford (ingreimagined)

We had a day of decadence yesterday for no other reason than to JUST DO IT because we agreed it was a good idea #everythingstartswithanidea
It WAS everything we thought it would be. Rich chocolate ice cream, moist chocolate cake, salty caramel and strong and cold coffee #sugarhits
It was my children’s first time at Max Brenner and according to them it won’t be their last #cheekymonkeys🐒
A lazy Sunday without plans except to keep unpacking turned into a delicious, fun and unique experience that created great memories and photos #firsttimeexperiences
It all started with an idea 💡 which became reality ... My other idea for this week is to continue my e-course for the future of my coaching career for single parents - What’s your idea you want to make into reality?