Kristin Boquist (@kristin__bo)

Where are my Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross shoppers at? If you shop these stores, you know it's hit or miss. But, to me, it's like a treasure hunt. And every once in a whole you strike gold! These pants... they are my GOLD! Look how freaking COOL these are! I love them so much, that I went back and bought the other pair that they had, because 2 is better than 1, right? Ya never know... one might get torn or lost! 😨
I know skulls aren't for everyone, but I love them on clothes and accessories. And, I love that they are down the backs of the legs instead of the front! It's the little things! Can't weight to wear these!!!!

Heidi Sevilla-Seva (@momshiejourney)

I almost threw my "dirty pans" away! 😫🍳but yey! I found out that it is easy to remove those food stains from the pans.👌😁Sharing with you this video i made! Enjoy! ❤️#simpleandeasy #housechores #momlife #lifehacks #kitchen #cleaningtime

Советы Идеи Лайфхаки (@sovety_life)

❤️ если любите апельсиновый сок!
Подписывайтесь на наш профиль⤴️, вас ждут полезные видео.💥
Video by @5.min.crafts
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Carla Olivera (@carla_oliveraa)

Y hoy tiene una entre otras cruces en este bosque siempre cruel... domingo a laburar 👧

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M.A.D. Success (@madsuccess)

Week #7 summary $BIOS $BLPH $EGY $LLNW $MRNS $PETX
What a week! Diversification is essential to acquiring wealth, and that is true for any wealth acquisition! 🤑
We are learning better about how we pick our stocks and our strategy is getting better and better!
We want to hear from you! DM us of you are following us and buying stocks too! We want to hear from you and learn what is of value to you.
We are working on training videos to educate and bring any beginner investor to be confident in researching and picking their stocks. Stay tuned!
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All stock investments are at your own risk. -
Your......State of mind
Your......Planning and decision making
Your......Affects and understands of others
Your Design. Your Brand. Your Life.

The Winety9% (@winetynine)

Who speaks French and is one smart ass pro?? 👉🏼MOI @winetynine 🤣#lifehacks #prohacks #hacks #wine #winehacks

Pretty Normal Me (@prettynormalme)

Did you know that having flowers in your house has been proven to improve your mental health? Whether it's the act of keeping it alive or even just appreciating something beautiful I notice such a huge difference in my productivity and mood when the house is full of lovely nature. Last week I went to Petersham Nurseries and fell in love with it all and am now totally obsessed with all things flowery. And apart from anything: is there anything that screams I LOVE MYSELF more than the act of buying flowers for yourself every week? Nope and for that reason alone- we should start stocking up on anti-histamine and filling the house!