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Javite budućim mladencima! 👒🎩Povodom 50 godina postojanja #50godinasjaja uz svaki kupljeni par burmi poklanjamo 💎 dijamant od 0,01ct, koji se ugrađuje u žensku burmu. *Ponuda važi ‪do 31.12.2017‬. Za više fotografija potražite link ➡️ na našem profilu #ZlataraMikelF

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one day you will look up and
it will all be different
and it will be okay. | just discovered the beautiful words of @imjordanrandall. YALL stay on the lookout for his new book.

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I loved the quiet places in Kyoto, the places that held the world within a windless moment. Inside the temples, Nature held her breath. All longing was put to sleep in the stillness, and all was distilled into a clean simplicity. The smell of woodsmoke, the drift of incense; and sense of gathering rain. #kimono #menkimono #lovebluecolor #explore #nature #greattimes #instaphoto #instagood #travelling #live #life #lifemoments #mydiary #lovekyoto #kyoto #japan

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:: well i had an interesting morning. just left the ss office after waiting an hour and a half with a slew of interesting people. / sometimes it's fun, yet totally random to have a conversation with a group of strangers you'll probably never meet again. we all bonded over the ridiculous waiting period & enjoyed watching a 10 year old do her doll's hair in numerous styles while her mom slept in the seat next to her. #peoplewatching #lifemoments #ineedsleep 😴💤😆💤😴💤😆

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The first 45 minutes of no kids, adjusting to the silence. Holy moly I can hear myself think!
My kids are gone for 11 days with their dad. I hope they have the best time!!! They deserve it with everything they've been through over the past year and a half. Divorce is hard on everyone.
This will be the longest time apart from them I have ever had. EVER in the 15+ years I've been a mom.
I plan on doing things like...
• finish my coffee when it's still warm
• catch up on a lot of work that I've had trouble completing with them home over the summer
• going to coffee with a few friends
• dates with my man
• walks
• getting ahead on my work 😮 (that would be amazing!!)
• watch some Netflix (anything you suggest?)
• enjoy some me time!!! (we introverts love our me time!)
What would you do with time away from your kids?

•BoMaStory• (@bomastory_)

Thank you, girls 😂😂😂 To be serious, we found great that on obersee you can buy not only a beer, but some homemade product. Milk was great! It was first time after a while, to try the proper milk (not from the supermarket). #BoMaStory #travel #traveling
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Through my lenses 🌁