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GIRL you know I chose that orange straw on purpose!!! Getcha matcha on


we’re up all night to get lucky

Kelly Smith (@kellysmithphoto)

Haven’t been posting here lately due to living life and working etc, but here’s a pretty morning moment from a few weeks ago in California to remind you that I am in fact alive 👋🏻

Elle Kirsten (@thisisyugen)

Still cannot believe that this place Is-rael! (See what I did there 😉). I'd love to hear your favourite travel-related puns in the comments✨

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Hot dog!! Ivy is a big fan of the space heater on this chilly night!!

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TOMAS ( Tokoh Masyarakat )

Noël Russell (@noel_russ)

‘Leave it a little better than you found it.’
We outdoorsy folk, this is our mantra for time spent in nature…
When we’re out in the wild, we gather trash and pack out more than we packed in.
When we see an illegal campfire pit, we break it down – scattering ashes and rocks.
We help with wetland restoration,
We help with invasive plan eradication,
We tread lightly, and stay on trail.
But for @jboruss and I, this motto extends far beyond our time on the trail.
You see, for 5 days a week - for 52 weeks a year - we spend our days working at homeless shelters.
We help carry the burden of those in-need, shouldering suffering that isn’t our own.
When we see barriers, we break them down – striving for kinship and dignity.
We help with the restoration of broken spirits,
We help eradicate the lines that divide us,
We link arms with others, and stay focused.
When I was young, my mom yanked me back from stepping off the trail into the marshy meadows of Yosemite Valley.
“Look!” she said, pointing to a sign that said ‘Restoration In Progress’.
I lobbied my reasons as to why I needed to cross that section of meadow,
But then she told me about the bugs, and the fungi, the roots and the algae.
All the little beings that I can’t see,
who matter so much more than me.
“Your greatest need should be to meet theirs - Because everyone does better, when everyone does better.”
Two decades later, I purchased a handful of these signs
Placing them in my yard, in my home, in my office,
And every day when I walk into work, I imagine a giant sign posted above our shelter’s entrance reading
‘Restoration In Progress’
Because behind those doors live so many beings that you can’t see,
Who matter so much more than me.

Gabe Holcomb (@gabethebabeholc)

Riding through the back roads of Tennessee, listening to old classics, and hiking through some beautiful scenery made this past weekend pretty great.

Ragamuffin Co. (@ragamuffinco)

If you guys haven’t gotten your hands on any of our stickers yet, you’re definitely missing out. These babies are perfect for any outdoorsy activities you throw at them. So get outside because these stickers are ready for all of your adventures! 🏔️🏕️🌵🌍
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‘Twas a crazy 3 day weekend full of laughter, bring-your-own-horse parties, and a freezing hike. Who would have thought the Hyatt could create a friendship stronger than my bra clasp. #MyFavoriteAdventureLadies #bringYourOwnHorse #megStelissaAdventures