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It's Day 3 of @alexipanos Soul Stretch challenge and for today it's #MakeoverMojo; changing things up outside to move energy around inside. When i was traveling, I wore my hair up in a bun or topknot a lot. I haven't done that for a while now other than when I practice yoga. I've been told it makes me look a bit like a teenager (thanks @adrian.wood ☺️). So in the interests of changing things up and staying forever young, I've got my hair all piled up on top today - and I'm switching up my daily routine with a little midday run. This is one of my favourite palm tree images from India when yoga, daily runs and top knots were an everyday ritual. 🙏🏻🌴❤️️

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As a guest speaker did say that if you go to greeting card store, you can barely find a card that says Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary!  Life grants to a few of us some of the rarest moments, and I may be among the few that was able to bear witness & capture this memorable event.  A celebration of giving, patience and love. May this serve as an inspiration to us all.

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This elephant 🐘 was full of character when we went to the zoo on Saturday was great to see. Had to get loads of photos of the elephants for my wife as it's one of her favourite animals. ▪️#ig_myshot ▪️#pixworld_ ▪️#igscwildlife ▪️#howlettszoo ▪️#ig_shotz_animal ▪️#insta_animals ▪️#adorable_animals

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Cheers to the freakin' weekend, I'm drinking to that 🍺 #shotbyme

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Tipical Houston winter, if it's cold there is always room for Ice cream. 👌🏻😀 In other words, crazy weather 😂

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Model: Romy Lucassen
Photography & retouch: Marco ter Beek for
Lighting by: Hensel Visit GmbH & Co. KG
Goutier & Peters BV

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All the feels. Happy Friday y'all! ❤️👶🏻

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'It was an unbelievably humid day. We had a limited amount of time to explore and see as much as we could, so we walked a section of the Great Wall. It was an incredible experience. This photo was taken of the last section of the wall, before we exited. I love the texture of the ancient broken stones beneath our feet.' // Image by our team member Sarah Zipfell
Camera: FinePix E900
Settings: ISO 80, 13.5mm, f/5, 1/250

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Ladakh stories from 35,000 feet - Photographing this beautiful confluence of glacier was one of the best sights in the world, and that is the reason I want you all to have a look at this picture as well! It is not everyday that one gets to witness such an amazing scene. That's the Himalayas for you, that's the magic, really. I took the flight to Leh for the first time and I was absolutely stunned by what I witnessed. I have been sharing many pictures from Ladakh off-late because I really want everyone here to experience a little of what I personally experienced during my flight to Ladakh this February, and then when I was actually there taking pictures for 3 days straight.

From the flight, it is all magical! Miles of peaks stretching till the horizon and beyond; what a fantastic sight to look at first thing in the morning. No matter how much I speak about it or write about it all, viewing the Himalayan peaks from a flight window is something which we all must experience atleast once in our lives. I have taken some of the most awesome trips that I possibly could, but thanks to my job as a travel photographer & writer, THIS was by far the most beautiful flight I’ve ever been on. The view of the Himalayas itself was well worth the journey, and not to mention the destination itself. Ladakh is pure love, I tell you. :)

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Wen ur really bored in class and have a new pair of glasses #lifeofaphotographer #picoftheday #boredlife #glasses