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If you're like the 90% of people who watch Game of Thrones, then below is where they film King's Landing...or if you're the other 10% (like me 🙋🏻) who haven't seen the show, below is the beautiful city of Dubrovnik-- seriously some of the most amazing/breathtaking views 👀 😮 #wayupifeelblessed

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Morning flight photo from my spring break trip to #Denver! In 7 days, I'll be headed to a more tropical destination to share some exotic grub...👀Can you guess where?! 🌴#gastronomicgrub

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Day off with the fam 🤗

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Il mio cammino verso la vita piu sana è stato iniziato da quando ero piccola. Ogni estate stavo dalla mia nonna in campagna ad aiutare coltivare frutta e verdura 🏡

E proprio a quei tempi ho scoperto il effetto della Madre Terra di donare alle persone le cose, di rilassare, di curare la salute. Sole, acqua, un Po di movimento ad area fresca fanno i miracoli. Per ciò ogni autunno facevo fatica a tornare in città da miei genitori 🏙️

Vero che mi sentivo li in campagna sempre bella, piena di energia e voglia di vivere.
Interessante, voi avete una esperienza simile?

#Nonna , #campagna , #terra , #libertà ...🌱

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6 days left but never excited. Well, it'll pass by quick ☺️

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jumpsuits are my jam! Especially this denim one that is only $20❗️ Read my newest blog post on #littlepieceofchic for jumpsuit styling tips & shop my look with #liketkit Shop this exact jumpsuit via screenshot with the new app


Nothing will ever surpass the love and care I have for you. I am immensely proud of you and cannot wait to watch you grow into the amazing man you will become. ❤️

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Family is so important and being a mother myself, I've struggled with the right work life balance just living day to day. This week has allowed me to take a step back from it all and put my work life into perspective. My life revolves around my children and Mr.P and I need to make these people my priority so I've decided to concentrate on my own work and photography, working freelance. It's very exciting and something I've been working towards for 6 months and I'm so please to finally be moving in this direction!
I'll be flying to New York next week so shoot a couple of weddings so it will be a wonderful way to start off the rest of my career as Emmylou at!
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Только сейчас нашла время загрузить свои кусочки воспоминаний со вчерашнего дня☺️
Просто не вериться ,что прошло уже 1️⃣1️⃣лет😱
Как будто только вчера я шла с розовым рюкзачком в первый класс ,а сейчас уже выбираю на кого буду учиться.. Я хочу сказать спасибо ВСЕМ моим любимым одноклассникам 💝Вы помогали ,поддерживали и учили меня , без вас я не представляю своей школьной жизни🙅🏽
Я буду ужасно скучать по вам 😭
Но мы все равно будем ,хоть реже ,но общаться.
Теперь наступила взрослая жизнь и нужно постараться косячить поменьше😜
Желаю каждому исполнить свою мечту ,добиться своих целей и никогда не сдаваться 🔝💪🏻✨

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Wishing I this was my workspace today. Tampa dreaming.