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Antojo de cachapitas #light hechas en casa ❤️
Almuerzo con sabor a casa....
Esto lo hice por primera vez y al ojo 👀
Sustituí la leche entera por la de almendra, aceite vegetal por la de coco, y el quesito -no porque quisiera si no ya le hubiera echado medio kilo de queso de mano😪- pero usé la de almendra y un poquito de mozzarella.
A Ivan le encantó 😍
Pongo las medidas exactas cuando las haga otra vez 😋 .
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Cores alegres e skate foram as escolhas para o quarto de um rapaz, feito em parceria com @groba.arch • detalhe para o sapateiro feito em cano de pvc e a cabeceira da cama em cordas. ideias criativas e práticas 💡✨

Lavender 💜 #REBELgoddess (@lavendermorantz)

💓If it teaches my daughters to DREAM BIGGER, then I'm doing the right thing.💓 When I had my first daughter Winslowe 6 years ago, I had a really hard time defining where she ended and I began. That feeling doubled when I had my second daughter Berkeley just 2 years ago. 💞
I felt guilty at home for not being busy with work. And I felt even more guilty at work for not being with my sweet babes at home. That is after all why I was doing what I was doing anyway, right?
I figured out - not so quickly - that balance is bullsh*t and you really have to follow your heart and intuition at times that involve your most valuable & precious people. (Not just your children, but friends, teammates and extended family too.) As a singe parent, I can tell you, this was a very hard lesson to learn and apply. The fear of not being and creating enough for our sweet little family was real and constant.
But...the work can wait, the rainbow won't. 💞
So, I stepped back from the gas pedal at work and spent those moments with my girls. Whether they remember the specifics or not doesn't matter to me, I know being present and showing them "how to do life" will be lessons they will take with them forever in their BIG little hearts. 💞
I'm oh-so-grateful that I've spent the last 7 years slowly creating a thriving residual business that allows for this kind of FREEDOM, the kind that lets you live and love in alignment with your core values and deepest wants in life. It's so been the best tool in teaching my babes to dream big dreams. 💞
If you're craving this kind of freedom and a community to help you get there, I'd love to connect with you. Comment or PM me directly.

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Quem não sabe oque quer,perde oque tem 💋🔞
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Repost and spread it! Simple and Fly! Yellow like the sun! #50Centralbet #light #sun #moon #beginings