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even though i just started a new theme...i might deactivate for a little bit???? i was gonna delete the whole account but i know i'm gonna want the account again when i get into the mood for it🙃plus i have math state testing soon and Lord help me algebra is the worst thing ever invented and i have science state testing tomorrow and i suck at science so🙃so if you don't see me for a while (probably like 4 days lmao) that's why. no one probably read this far but oh well i had to say it 😂 if you read this far here's a cookie 🍪 -
what color is your room?

Juhee Lee (@juimccoy)

👵🏻dress 👉🏻 Off shoulder top✂️
I tailored it :)
Assistant : Nymeria🐾
Photo by @_maekoi_
허리가 길어보이는 마법의 원피스를 고쳐봤다🤘🏻

kishy diamond (@qiesskishy)

Just you and me .. ☕️☕️💕

ANoorK💀 (@_anissanrk)

Satu semangat di track ini
👨;De sakitan mana jatuh sama di selingkuhin
▶️Untungnya saya gak punya seorang kekasih pak😂
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Decky Pratama Priyadi (@deckypratama_)

Mereka bilang cita-citaku terlalu tinggi, aku bilang cara berfikir mereka terlalu rendah👎
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