Jill Bier (@live2bfulfilled)

Don't miss your opportunity. Listen to that voice telling you to take a chance!! ...
#makechangehappennow #listentoyourvoice #jumpinandsucceed

Ioana Pacurar (@ioanapacurar)

Hair inspiration and goals. 🤘🏻

Axis Connect (@axisconnect)

Come out and show your support for Axis dancer, Cara Diaz, as she presents her first 10 minute long work! Featuring Axis dancers, Mary-Angela, Kerime and SarahGrace. Break a leg ladies! 💪🏼🙌🏻#axisconnect #axisfam #carveyourownpath #listentoyourvoice #carveyourownpath #youngchoreographers #dancenyc #careerindance #listentoyourvoice #collaboration #Repost @caradiazc ・・・
**FREE EVENT** if you RSVP through my Facebook, $5 at the door if not. I am presenting a 10 minute piece on November 16th! It is a night of choreographers, visual artists, music, and ofcourse Alexeya! This is my first time choreographing a live performance so if you’re curious or want to have a drink with me, come!! RSVP y’all. Hope to see you ☺️ my killer cast of dancers: @kerime_ko @madd_moses @ironbry @annaballerina12 @magberries @sarahgracenospace

M E L I N A (@melli_fit_)

Deine Gefühlsanfälle sind laut. Deine Intuition ist leise.
Aber unüberhörbar. #höraufdiestimme

Ich hab das Gefühl, Leben passiert so schnell. Alles rauscht nur noch vorbei. Alles geht so schnell und jeder versucht dir seine Meinung für dein perfektes Leben darzubieten - das ist toll, ich schätze die Meinungen anderer! - aber hey- bei all den Stimmen um dich herum, Versuch dir das rauszunehmen, was für dich stimmt, ansonsten fokussier dich auf DICH, und deine Stimme. Denn diesen Weg gehst nur du. ❤️#focusonyourself

Corinna (@einfach.co)

perfect sunday ... what else do you need ... family, friends, worship, delicious food and a short walk in the rain #listentoyourvoice #iwanttohearyou

Therese Tran (@tttheresetran)

We tend to think too much... what if...should I, should I not... instead of do less of the thinking, and just go for it 💪 You will during your experiences know what kind of adjustments you will have to make❤️ #businessmom #entrepreneurthinking #entrepreneurialmindset #startnow #believeinyou #beconsistant #diciplined #dreambig #mindset #listentoyourvoice #womancandoitall #juststart #neverquitting

Jacqui Rojas (@dandylion.rawr)

In April I hopped on the Sage plant-based “tractor” which slowed my roll downn after living years of the fast-paced “train to train” life. I will always remember this job as a milestone that helped me find a more balanced pace of life which I now clearly understand I have full control over.
Through Sage I scored an internship with @kissthegroundca (which I absolutely love), met Kyle Cease who gave me tickets to his Evolving Out Loud event, met my best friends’ guru, spent hours with coworkers & managers that continuously inspired me to be the best version of myself, met some amazing customers who showed me their “#crabhands” when I needed them the most, got drunk off coffee & sugar then laughed to tears, brought vegan food home for my family to try, read & shared books, learned how to use boomerang for the first time haha and so much more 💜🌱 If you guys find your way to @thekindsage my favorite dish is the Miso Rainbow Bowl and my favorite dessert is this banana chocolate muffin (both pictured here) mm and of course the chocolate almond butter ice cream is DA BOMB! Oh and if you ever go there solelyy for the soft serve ice cream CALL FIRST cuz that machine is a beast that breaks down sometimes 😂👍🍦 Although it was the shortest job I’ve had (7 months), my inner self was calling to leave the restaurant business. Cheers to taking a #leapoffaith and matching an action to that intention. I’m not sure yet what is to come next, but I know it’s going to be awesome and that’s enough for me. Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far ☀️ “Your new full time job is finding a full time job.”— @thankilates 😂😘💪#LEZGO
#timeflies #newbeginnings #alwaysgrowing #listentoyourvoice #makemoves #createthelifeyouwant #loveyourself #trustyourself #trusttheuniverse #keeppushing #igotthis #opentoideas #hitmeup #sustainability #zerowaste #nofoodwaste #loveourplanet #basedinla #environmentalbiology #badegree #cheers

Marci Undzius (@fitwithmarci)

Too often we are too busy to stop and listen to that voice! Stop, take a moment and listen. You might be surprised what you hear. Life is too short to just do what you think others would approve of or think is the norm! Instead strive to listen to that voice and follow your dreams! #followyourdreams #listentoyourvoice #thatvoiceinside #listen #stopandlisten #lifeisbeautiful #dowhatmakesyouhappy #breakthemold

Rowan's Rituals (@rowansrituals)

Listen. Can you hear it? The little voice deep inside telling you “yes you can do it! You are enough. You are strong. You are powerful!” Tune in and you can hear it. In the beginning it may be soft and just barely audible but with a little practice and acknowledgement it will become a booming vibrant voice allowing you, telling you, to reach for the stars because there are no limits to what you can do. But you must start somewhere, so go find a quiet place, put you ear to the ground, lose your eyes and listen. You will hear it. ❤️ hope to see some of you tonight at @hotyogavt at 6:30 😉 #findfocus #listentoyourvoice #practiceyogadaily