MARIA (@thedailymax)

Just a little bit of snow will bring a smile to his face.❄️❤️😍 #snowdays

Alyssa Jamison (@ifeyescouldfeast)

they just woke from their second nap. It’s kind of late in the day, but hey, we don’t follow schedules too rigidly around here. Another thing I’ve realized is maybe only twin moms follow nap schedules? Or maybe it’s a newer thing. With two babies, if I didn’t keep track of stuff I wouldn’t know where my a$$ is. I’m also a mega researcher and prepper, so even before they were born I was in every twin mom Facebook group possible from la leche league for multiple to baby wearing multiples. It’s funny how before you have kids you have all these ideas of what kind parent you’re going to be, and then they come and you might as well throw it all out the window. I pretty much follow what they want... With the exception of naps. 😉 I know when they’re tired and if you had overtired twins for even one day, you’d enforce naps too.

Sara Gorman 🌿 Mama 🌿 Scotland (@sara_gorman_84)

My heart bursts writing this on 22nd January 2018 Jacob walked using his trolley! Now for Jacob this is a MASSIVE achievement due to his muscle condition....amyoplasia. We may never have the answers as to what caused this for Jacob ....but to me it now no longer matters as to me he is perfection! He's the happiest little boy anyone could ever meet! He never complains or moans, he takes it all in his stride.....I can't take all the credit thanks to all his brothers and sisters...Jacob wouldn't be where is is today! They help and treat him absoloutly no different than if he were walking! Jacob will always face struggles in life with his power but I know deep in my heart he will be something special where ever his path leads to! Never gives up and to see how far he's come in 2 years is just a amazing. To be faced with the worst possible things imaginable when he was born to now this! You know miracles do happen if you believe! And I will never stop believing in him. Our newest little member of the family is our final completion ....but in all honestly Jacob has made us complete....he has taught us all as a family that you should never take things for granted, love and care for each other with all your heart. He has made us strong parents! So Jacob I salute you! 💙💙💙💙💙

Larissa 🌿 (@natural.wonderer)

If only today could be relived over and over. Spent the morning in a magical forest playing with nature and eating delicious snacks. Wishing I could keep him forever as he was today. A happy, smiling ray of sunshine with no care in the world. 😇🙌🏼🌲
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Wild & Free Ones (@wildfreeones)

Elijah is most at peace when he can be free and in nature. We’re starting to think we might need to move to a rural area next, with fields for roaming and giant trees for climbing and ponds for fishing.

West Of Trade Blog (@megclouse)

They make my heart burst these 4 little humans, the oldest is 5 and the youngest just turned 1 💗 some days I look at them and feel overwhelmed and scared, just by the sight of it... all those babies in one picture... but today by God’s grace I just felt joy, and gratefulness to be their mama... 💗💗💗 Lamentations 3:22-23 “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Taryn Dirks (@tarynkendra)

Malakai got to meet one of his hero's today and it did not disappoint! Totally worth the one hour wait!

grâce belle (@gracebelle)

Anyone else still experiencing winter in full force? 🙋🏼‍♀️❄️
If you’re snowed in or even still experiencing the winter chills, we’ve got you covered. Today on the blog we list our top books to read for a snow day. These books are beautifully written and deep with meaning - and even better with an icy backdrop. So grab some cocoa and get comfy! ⛄️