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So, this came in the mail today! I love @vashtiharrison
She is originally an artist/illustrator but now she is an author! I can't wait to give this to a little girl I know. Perfect stocking stuffer for a young girl you may know! @goodgirlbookclub
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#LittleLeaders encourages #students to participate in the #SportsDay function of the school. Even parents participated in various competing sports activities. This overall helps in developing a feeling of sporting spirit in them. For more pics go to:

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Need a stocking stuffer? This inspiring book is only $16.99 plus a 20% discount. Vashti Harrison, Little Leaders. #caubookstore #BlackGirlLit #vashtiharrison #littleleaders #blackgirlsrock #stockingstuffers

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Does anyone else want to keep some of the gifts you buy for other people? I bought my little cousins this book bc who could resist? Now I want to keep it! 🙈😂 😏

Thanks @natashanicholes for the recommendation. I love it! #itismoreblessedtogive #christmas #melanin #amazon #bookstagram #books #littleleaders

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I waited 6 months for this book and nearly cried when I got my hands on it #littleleaders

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What a nice surprise to show up in my mailbox today. My Bottenfield parents are the best. #kidlit #littleleaders #amazonwishlist

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“Ain’t I a woman”? It’s tools like these that help mold our daughters into self-loving, independent, beautiful women of today, and tomorrow.
This book just came in and before wrapping and putting it under the tree I gave it a quick "skim" and I can't wait to read along and finish with my daughter.
Thanks @vashtiharrison 🖤

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#2017bestnine thanks for a great year! There were a lot of #littleleaders posts and a lot of #wrinkleintime excitement! Here’s to 2018🥂

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Can’t wait to drop this in my daughter’s Christmas stocking! #LittleLeaders #vashtiharrison @vashtiharrison

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I was feeling #depressed so I went out and bought three copies of #LittleLeaders by @vashtiharrison and donated them to local elementary school libraries. Cost the same as 3 therapy copays & made me feel just as good, but I hope & expect the rewards will be longer-lasting. #happyholidays y’all.

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#2017bestnine thanks for a great year! There were a lot of #littleleaders posts and a lot of #wrinkleintime excitement! Here’s to 2018🥂

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Five days ago, this highly-anticipated book written and illustrated by @vashtiharrison was released. I have to be honest, it blew me away.
I have used countless children’s books about African Americans for story times and read-alouds, but this one is on another level. Each page celebrates a bold woman in Black history; women in sports, the arts, activism, science, and technology. But each little vignette is so full of life, I now know so much about each woman just from one beautiful page.
For example: I have loved Octavia Butler since reading Kindred, but I never knew she had dyslexia. I never knew that a woman named Alma Woodsey Thomas, at 80 years old, had the first-ever solo exhibition of an African American woman at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Those are just two.
I am amazed and humbled by the work that has gone into this book, a collation of so many amazing stories it would’ve taken years to research all of them myself. Not only did I learn of at least a dozen black women I had never heard of before, but I learned more about those I have. My daughter (and every little person I will gift this book to) will be so much better because of it. Thank you @vashtiharrison for sharing your passion with the world!
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I finished reading @vashtiharrison ‘s Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History and I am emboldened. This book should be in every home. I imagine one day, students reading about me as a bold black woman in history. A girl can dream! Be sure you grab a copy: #thetututeacher #representationmatters #weneeddiversebooks #littleleaders

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#HonestShoutouts ...been tracking this one for a little while with notifications on! 🙌🏾❤️ @vashtiharrison’s debut work #LittleLeaders has been added to our Little Leader’s collection... 😊❤️