Crys Coles 🦄 (@cryscoles)

She boycotted a morning nap this morning so we got out to get stuff to make sugar cookies (for whenever I get the chance to make those😅). She feel asleep on the way back home and I successfully transferred her from the car seat to the bed. 🙌🏼 I think anyone who can accomplish that should receive a medal.🥇😴

Gisella Ramirez👩🏻🌾 (@ramirezsgocountry)

Nobody's walking out on this fun, old fashioned family Christmas ❤️
In the words of a wise man- Clark Griswold 😂
Forecast said -SNOW
We said -PICTURES!! And it was totally worth it❄️📸Here's to a new week filled with new beginnings !!!! Thank you for capturing this moment in our lives❤️ @melfisch4
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Chloe Hequet (@romanceatshortnotice)

I love the delicate green iron gates around this cottage in the grounds of #KellieCastle. Also that pantile roof. Apparently roofs like these are mostly isolated to Fife and the Lothians - in the Highlands it’s all slate, and straight. No disloyalty to my lovely lochside cottage but I would definitely live here in the shadow of a baronial castle given the chance 🏰 #lovefife #lovescotland

Laura Hobbs (@lghobbs)

“Next time you’re in a meeting at the office, listen closely to another woman in the room. What you’ll often hear is a struggle in her choice of words or her tone of voice—an urge to convey an idea while avoiding being misinterpreted as arrogant, pushy, or too assertive…It’s time for us to take our communication off autopilot and actively listen to the ways we’re subtly undermining ourselves, shading our words with subordination and an inexplicable lack of confidence.” In this piece I wrote a few years back, I give some gentle reminders to women on how we can stake our claim as a confident (and competent) communicators. Tap the link in my profile for the full read! ☝️||📷: the fabulous @emily.k.mesko

L O I S A U R O R A (@loisaurora)

Here’s to it finally festive, watching love actually and fully embracing a Christmas canapé dinner (seriously, why would they all be on 4 for 3 if you’re not meant to eat ALL the nibbles). But also, here’s to everyone else whose barely holding it together as Christmas anxiety builds up, and the pressure is on another level to be a fully fully functioning human when all you want to do is eat ready meals and watch tv until the New Year 😐🎄🎁😐
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Tend & Trade (@tendandtrade)

This is the final week you can place an order to ensure these beauties are in your hands and ready to gift (or ready to keep for yourself) by Christmas. $7 per print, or bundle all three for $18. 🎉

Link in bio to place an order. Thank you guys so much for supporting us and loving these Mantra Prints. It means the world.
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Paula S (@pollypoptart)

Pretty sunsets are lovely... Although it sucks when they're at 4pm. I am definitely not a fan of the shorter days in the winter.

Amar (@akamarpreet)

let it snow 🎧 // what’s that you ask? do I like snow? yea, maybe, just a little #hellowinter #happyamar

AW | Sincerely Ashley Blog (@ashleywierenga)

that’s why darling, it’s incredible | that someone so unforgettable | thinks that i am unforgettable too...

A N G E L I 🌾 (@angelisebrio)

And to think that there was a time in my life when I couldn't imagine being a mother and the mere thought of it scared the hell out of me.🙈 Priorities were so different then.. Now I can barely remember life before her and even though it's not all rainbows and butterflies, I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world. Funny how we never know what life has in store for us and sometimes things turn out so crazy different from how we thought it to be.. But somehow everything always ends up better and you wouldn't change a thing. 💕

Khiara LaBrie Doorley (@khiaralabrie)

She was relaxed, whole-heartedly present and moved through her day with so much intention ✨