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👋 Off to photograph @melodrama’s lovely home this morning as well as a few styling projects by @charlestonweekender. It’s going to be a colorful, vintage-fueled day and I can’t wait.

Maria (@she.mariaa)

The best view of any city is from the top🖤

N A O M I L Y N N (@naomilynnvacaro)

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a society of ravenous CONSUMERS, 👜👜👜 from the food we eat to the churches we hop, ⛪️ how we date to the expectations we place on our spouses. 👫 We are an individualistic society of out-of-control, pleasure-grasping ZOMBIES. 😵 Too harsh? Maybe, but only if there wasn't some good news coming! 🙌 Friends, we were CREATED to consume, to be FILLED. 🍽️ Why is it so natural for us to look for a way to satisfy our desires? We are creatures of passion, creatures of love and WORSHIP. 🌹 However, just like with any good design, we were made to run on something very specific, 🚙 something that would NEVER RUN OUT ON US. 💪Direct your eyes back to the Bread of Life, oh hungry one. 👉 Because ONLY AN INFINITE GOD CAN FILL YOU INFINITELY 👈 When we have a consumer attitude towards temporary pleasures, we are left with more emptiness than when we started. 😭 But to eat and drink at the table of the LORD results in a FILLING that not only satisfies, but RUNS OVER IN RIVERS AND RIVERS. 💦 Finding satisfaction in Him is the ONLY WAY to break the power of destructive consumerism! Nothing else can bear the weight of our desire, our hunger, our WORSHIP. 😰 So let's take all of this desire and let our Lord and Savior fill us up today, tomorrow, and for eternity!!! 🙌


ice cream。

Kerry Mulhern (@kerryreneephotography)

I’m a sucker for vintage decor and great art. So staying at @thepontchartrain a few weeks ago for the @risingtidesociety #rtsleaders retreat was a dream! I didn’t want to leave this room! Today I woke up in my bed with my little one taking up more room than a grown man. And I’m recovering from a night of cleaning up after the stomach bug took its first victim in our home. 😷. Poor Hadley had a rough night but seems to be doing better 🤞. Send warm thoughts and extra Lysol if you have it! What a start to the week 🤦‍♀️ #reallife #happymonday #rtsleadersretreat #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #tuesdaystogether

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Can it get any cozier? 🙈

I usually don't let any animals in my bed, but this pretty lady stole my heart 💓
We have so much to learn from dog, especially how to live in the moment 🐶

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Good morning!
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T U M E R I C | My work trip flight got cancelled today which means more time for breakfast! We are also swapping out coffee and mimosas for a Tumeric Lime Elixir mocktails thanks to my friends @summerhillmkt and @moonshinemamaselixirs. Did you know a study shows adults that have tumeric daily can improve memory by 28%?! So if you find yourself misplacing your keys, your phone, or your mind 😊 try Tumeric! #detox #breakfast 📷: @loveoverlenses
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Happy #magicalmilkbathmonday lovies! :) I teamed up with some amazing ladies and we are all sharing milk bath pictures today. Go check out their beautiful feeds for some awesomeness: @wispyfeatherfarm@ana__monte@dearest.sisters@the.quinn.girls@elliandflo@lyannkearin@she_plusfive@heydominic@raisinghowells@thebushbush_family
Ps. no twinning picture in this case, for the obvious reasons… :P