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Journalism schools should offer a course on empathy, especially for travel writers, exploring what it means to fall in and out of love a million times over for the people and places you visit. The women of the Sibemi community, pictured here, left a huge imprint on my soul. Thanks to the brilliant work @timeandtideafrica’s foundation is doing, their children can now attend a newly-built school in Liuwa Plain, where nearly 160 students attend classes split amongst two rooms. After four days exploring this pristine wilderness, it’s certainly a destination where I left a few pieces of my heart, and I’m not sure if it will ever get easier to say goodbye to wonderful people like this!

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Throwback to hanging out with wild dogs in #Liuwa a few years ago. So excited to be going back to #Zambia in a couple months! 🇿🇲🐾🐾
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Elephants have got to drink too! This thirsty adult in Zambia opted for a camp sprinkler instead of the local watering hole, and can you blame him?
NWS Olly was lucky enough to capture this video at Chongwe Camp during his stay in Zambia last year, during which he visited two of the country’s most famous national parks (Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa) as well as two of its most untouched (Kafue and Liuwa Plain).
To see the wildernesses of Kafue and Liuwa for yourself, you can embark on our 8-day safari through these national parks and experience a different side of Africa. Kafue is a prime location for sightings of leopard, cheetah and the elusive wild dog, while Liuwa Plain plays host to roaming packs of hyena and the second-largest wildebeest migration in the world. Click the link in our bio to find out more.
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Toward #Lealui royal village canoeing through #LiuwaPlain, #Mongu.
Verso il villaggio reale di Lealui in barca nella piana di Liuwa, Mongu.
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Can you see why a group of hyenas is called a clan? 🐾
📷by @willbl

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Last december I had the privilege to assist the team of #zambiancarnivoreprogramme in the capture and gps-collaring of a beautiful male lion in Zambia...what a beauty, what a beast!! To see the king of the wild up close on top of his life-strength was both a thrill and an inspiration. A thrill because I knew this was a rare occassion to see this 200 + kilogram predator this close without being in danger of the formidable claws and giant teeth...an inspiration because I sat there very aware of the plummeting population numbers of all big cats including lions due to a number of reasons. Among these are illegal and legal hunting for trophies and use in traditional Chinese and Asian medicine, but also fragmentation and loss of habitat through expansion of human populations..the captivating beauty of this male lion reminded me once again why I too roam this earth: to make sure beauty like this is and stays preserved for the far future. Very grateful for this moment. The gps collar helps the scientists to gather info on the movement ecology of the species which can be used for more efficient and better protection.

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It's #worldwildlifeday and the theme this year is 'big cats'. Find out the best national parks in Zambia to see them in my article for @culturetrip. Link in bio.

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It's #worldwildlifeday today and just in time to check out my third article for @culturetrip where I highlight some incredible national parks to view wildlife in Zambia such as Lower Zam, Kafue NP and a few underrated ones. It's interesting how when I began the year with my project @20parkszed , I had no idea how I was going to fund it. And then this writing gig came along which allows me to research and write about and eventually visit places in Zambia that have been on my list for a while. Anyway, link in bio.

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Zambia: home of the original walking safari

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With a belly full of wildebeestcalf, LCH-180 lays herself down to cool off. Photo taken last November.
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