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Welcome the JETBlack Gentlemen Brand Ambassadors Class of 2018! What happens when you plant the old idea of being a gentlemen into the minds and hearts of a new generation? I'll probably never change the world like I had once hoped for but I guarantee that one day these young men will. 🎩 #jetblackhawaii #jetblackgentlemen #seedsofgreatness #unlimitedpotential #raiseyourstandards #nextlevel #letsdothis #menswear #tuxedos #suits #accessories #supportlocal #livebold #dresssharp #beEXTRAordinary

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#79 DJ Mag Top 100 ‎
Friday, 2 March 2018
9:00 PM Onwards
6th floor Capital Building

Let's Join The Party !!! For Info & RSVP :
061-4555933 / 081375213828

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Skirt proof, dance proof, life proof, #colorstay make up stays on for up to 24 Hours - - no touch ups required.
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Part of last week's adventure ride with @lucky_motojoe .

This is Grand Gulch Mine, 100 miles south is St. George, UT.

Worth the visit. Plan at least an hour to walk around and see all the cool things.

36.3261 N, 113.7916 W

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RSF has now made it to Dubai thanks to @t_bennett116 🙌🏼🔥

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It wasn't the golden pot at the end of the rainbow but she was pretty close... 🌈
Captured By : @j_robles_mcgill 😊💕💕💕💕😊 please follow the featured photographer for more amazing clicks.
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Hashtag : #worldfrommyangle_ .
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These are soooo good. Butterscotch chips and oatmeal combine to make Oatmeal Scotchies. One is not enough! I'll share this as soon as I can. I still have to share the Pumpkin Scone recipe.

Penny L Sampson (

It never ceases to amaze me, how often people are misunderstood, or how often communication breaks down...when the listener misreads what is being communicated. ⠀

There is so much more to communication than simply knowing what to say, when and how - or being an "active" listener. ⠀

We are funny creatures and frankly don't always say "exactly" what we mean. It takes listening "beyond the words"...⠀

Body language, tone, pitch, speed, facial expressions all play a part. ⠀

Today I watched a verbal exchange take place, that ended with one person being very upset with the other - they were pissed. Not because person B wasn't actively was because they misread what person A was attempting to convey. ⠀

They missed the point entirely. In part because person A was not being direct or clearly articulating their needs but, also because they weren't paying attention to what Person A was saying...without words. ⠀

Their body language, speed and tone spoke volumes...had the other individual chosen to listen and then...clarify. ⠀

Some will do this intentionally to avoid confrontation - but, for this individual...they were seemingly (innocently) oblivious. The look of shock on their face after realizing their error said it all. ⠀

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Spring is fast approaching! Add some color to your closet with some early delivery sport coats!

Ben Petersen, NSCA-CPT (

➡️➡️ It's been a year... We up 15lbs 💪
2018 has already been an incredible year of growth, but the year is young and there's still much to be done. Let's grow in the gym, but more importantly let's grow as people. .
🍇 Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We need more of this.
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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal. -Palo Coelho

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This book was certainly not on my list of challenges. I don't think I've ever cried a big messy, sobby cry when reading a book, but this one has undone me.
Things are messy here...dinner is now coffee, chocolate and a whole lot of tissues.
I shared a post on Facebook yesterday about really seeing our children and now reading this book has stirred so much in me.
Challenge number 20: To finish this book tonight because I cannot put it down.
But most importantly to make more time to really see the gifts I have been given in the two little, yet very big, lives I have the privilege of mothering. To make more time with digging deeper in valuable conversation and connection. ❤️

Esther 💋 Food & Lifestyle (@lov3stia)

• { MaZouka 7th Year Anniversary Party! } • I am SLOWLY but STEADILY going through all the capture(s) of my recent Toronto trip!

Here is a surprise dance diary 🎥 video by the wonderful @choikappa that evening ft Antonio (from NYC zouk!) 😎#lov3stiadance !

Getting to know Antonio + the NYC crew all weekend was amazing! He has incredible energy, his love for dancing + appreciation for life was infectious! Thank you so so much for all the dances + your welcoming energy + solid humour! (&) for the #ZoukYYC gear ... ya’ll can thank him for some design feedback support! ❤️

Hannah Shanks (@hbshanks)

When was the last time you intentionally talked GOOD about someone behind their back? Today, build someone up and tell someone how great someone else is. Imagine how good it will feel to be spreading encouragement & edification in secret!
📸 cred @glamourmag

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Still delicious the day after baking! I will share this Pumpkin Scone recipe on my blog soon. And since its National Pet Day did you know your dogs and cats would love to chow down on any left over pumpkin puree?!