Tomas Tarigan (@tomastarigan1)

Kalaunya dulu dengan bambu dapat memenangkan pertempuran, kenapa sekarang dengan senjata(✍️) tidak dapat menangkan hatimu 😁

James Gingerich (@jmsgingerich)

A treasure beyond words

Lana Stacy (@lana_stacy)

Something I love about Chinese medicine is its belief in the ability of the human body to heal itself. This is why many acupuncturists like to call themselves 'conduits of health' rather than 'health care providers,' because they guide the body back to a a state of resilience and balance. The patient becomes responsible again for his or her own health, rather than placing it all on the doctor. The body knows exactly how to care for itself, it just needs a gentle reminder sometimes. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. 🌚🌞

Ted Chaffman (@teddyc212)

120/365: Drums, Drummers & Drum Circles; lots of #drums at yesterday's #ClimateMarch #SoManyDrums

Ashley Archibald (@asharchi)

Dude, don't do it. (He did it). 🤦🏼‍♀️

Penny Richter-Sheridan 🐶 (@pennyrichter)

Ran into @darbythecav yesterday (who recognized me from Instagram!) I've officially made it 🏆🐶

alexander vu (@hello.alexvu)

My room is a love letter to ikea

RianIndra (@riantat)

Kerumitan jakarta

Hellojaimie (@hellojaimie)

One of my favorite nights in LA, watching La La Land underneath the city of stars (literally) ✨✨✨