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Love Is Complicated playlist | Day 22: Pearl Bailey - "Tired" | Feeling taken for granted? Not sure if this is the right person for you? Pearl Bailey has some thoughts about that…
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This was my last dip in the pool at riad jobs. I miss all the guys who basically became family 🕊️❤️ #livethelife #vacation #travelingram #travelersnotebook #morocco #marrakech

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,, Life is a game, you can be a player or a toy!,, #bestrong

Decide To Live (@decide2live)

You only live once. Try to feel this gift you have.

Resort Workers (@resortworkers)

Featured Job: Landscaping Maintenance Manager at Good Earth Aspen
Good Earth 🌏Landscaping, located in the Roaring Fork Valley, is seeking a qualified Maintenance Manager. .
Responsibilities include:
-Scheduling ✏️ and supervising 🤷🏻‍♂️of 3 to 4 maintenance crews consisting of 2 to 4 individuals
-Performing consistent quality control at ~70 maintenance accounts
-Interfacing with existing clients to ensure a high-level of satisfaction 💯 with our work
-Discussing and promoting “enhancement” work – i.e. new, non-routine projects – with existing clients
-Meeting potential new clients (would be accompanied by current Management)
-Procuring required materials
-Communicating equipment needs to current Management Training – e.g. safety, technical, and people skills – members of maintenance crews on a regular basis
-Participating in financial review and budget meetings
Qualifications and Skills:
-5 years supervisory experience in high end landscaping 🌱🌳🌲🍃🌿
-Advanced understanding of horticultural practices including:Irrigation, pruning, and fertilization
-Ability to identify / troubleshoot plants, disease, growth problems
-Soils and growing mediums
-Horticultural certifications strongly preferred
-Valid driver’s license and good driving record
-Proficient with computer💻
Compensation / Benefits:
-Competitive salary commensurate with experience 💰 -Vehicle
-Cell phone 📱 -Computer
-Health Insurance -PTO
About Good Earth Landscaping*:
Good Earth Landscaping & Maintenance is your specialist in landscaping solutions. We create, install, and maintain beautiful and unique environments for private homes and commercial properties in the Roaring Fork Valley. Whether your property is your primary or seasonal residence or business, we are committed to providing personalized service and professional results.

Mago (@branc8)

O que não nos mata, torna-nos mais fortes! Vive a vida até ao fim da corrida ✌️

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kylee | (@twopretzelsfit)

What could we actually *do* if we got rid of our fears? Our worries? Our excuses? The sky 🌌 is the limit... Go, friend, go. Start small, and go!
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Elizaveta von Stubendorff (@lisa.bett)

Somebody is up to something. Every moment through the universe. ⠀
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Fede Prince (@fedeprince1)

Il bello di un sorriso è che tutti lo possono
vedere ma pochi ne conoscono il perché.
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loli ta ☆ (@lolidaian)

La música es para el alma, lo que el ejercicio para el cuerpo. Sin música la vida no tendría sentido.✨