Phen Grant (@phengrant)

A few weeks back I took my roomies up to Lake Superior on an impromptu road trip to see Bentleyville and scream our desires/passions/needs/issues into the lake. (This was based on a Native American tradition of praying into the water, connecting your voice to the universe.) I never expected everything that I belted out to take effect so quickly. Within a few weeks of visiting the northland, I was 100% off of caffeine, frugal with finances, making food at home for the first time in my life, working out, meditating, and paying attention to what my brain & body were telling me.

This led to some realizations about my dreams. I've wanted to move to New York since I graduated college. The major thing that was holding me back was time. As of today, I've put my 2 week notice in at work. Evereve has been a beautiful launching point in my career, and I cannot express how grateful I am to every single individual who has challenged me and ultimately helped me become a professional in my industry.
Here's the big news: I'm moving to Brooklyn at the end of March. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing there, or who I'm living with, but I'm taking the next two months to figure that out. I have never been more excited to pursue my dreams, and take my art to the next level. <3 You all.

amelia (miels) merie (@floramiels)

one time I told my mother that i didn’t like the chiming of grandfather clocks because it made me think of how death is immanent and there’s still so much to do on the planet. also, peep the link in my bio ;)

Nicole (@iamninifer)

learning the importance of letting my first encounter of the day be encountering the Father- the importance of giving Him the first fruits of my day, the first moments, and my attention FIRST. how can my day not be blessed when I choose Him first, and establish a standard for my day based on that encounter? oh my lanta He’s so good. // it may not be something I’m great at yet, but- learning.

Aubrey Curtis (@aubreycurtis_)

if you were a fruit you'd be a FINEapple. 🍍🍍

Aubrey Curtis (@aubreycurtis_)

just imagine CGI dinosaurs.

Lacey Key//Photography&Design (@laceykey__)

Have to set back today saying okay am blessed and am loved. Felt so sad leaving to go home for week for home injury knee thing. But ah can’t even thank this person to be kind enough to even have offer me an good ride home. Still can’t believe this relief of stuff with my dad and I. Am so blessed by that offer of Shaelea so much thankful for this yesterday. Incredibly blessed by Shannon having her just trying to cheer me up such much really hurt by not staying was big girl panties. REALLY GRAMMY ONES. But it did not help as much and I was like haha. But went on with being really upset. But Christy is most caring one in the enter friends list. Really does care. She one who’ve helped me in the summer time. Then this knee thing. I know she thinking I’d do have it worst and I’ve don’t but am thankful for those things of her. KayCee with her listen me vent and also not dealing without sad thing. She makes me feel laughter when she is most likely that saying things that comply have me in tears of laughing lol. Jackie with her hugs when I did need them. Others love also!! It’s ties together this ending. “So also my heavenly Father will do to you unless every one of you forgives his brother or sister from your heart.””
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:35‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Aubrey Curtis (@aubreycurtis_)

so this morning I got a sweet voicemail from this cute boy reminding me that today marks nine months of constant smiles, laughs and loves. I love you coop. think we can do a couple more months? ;)

Aubrey Curtis (@aubreycurtis_)

dreaming of my future home and being able to hang one of these babies in my room.

Aubrey Curtis (@aubreycurtis_)

found a cute new spot to shoot at! Also I dropped my sunglasses on a frozen lake, check the story to see how that played out. Happy Sunday!