Bee the Rescue 🐾 (@bee.the.rescue)

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving- AE 🚴

Laika, Arcanine & Kratos (@thewanderingcanines)

An accurate visual representation of how everyone feels about Wednesdays. 😂
Sorry for our absence. Instagram changes have made Instagram feel like work instead of fun so we needed a break.
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《Images shot with》
Body(s): •Canon 5D Mark III/ 7D
Lens(es): •10-18mm f4 •17-85mm f3.5 •24mm f1.4L •50mm f1.8 •24-105mm f4 •70-200mm f2.8 •300mm f4
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The Zoom Crew (@zoomcrew)

That face you make when it's #waterfallwednesday .

goℓdιlockѕ, kчrσs αиd doⱴαh (@goldilocksandthewolf)

Wherever you go—
I will surely follow.
©️ Goldilockѕ αиd τhe ωolf ρhoτogrαρhγ

m a r i e (@velvetlabyrinth)

Happy second day of spring (I missed out on the first one 😅)! The sun is shining and the days are getting brighter every day, but according to the weather forecast winter isn’t going to leave any time soon.. what are you most looking forward to about spring? 🌼

Ida (@wildspotted)

Let’s play a guessing game! How old do you think Ida was here and what state do you think this was in?