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#cinderlakedronerace #droneaddicts #dronestagram #drone #flightfactory #fpvracegates #racegates #fpvracing #followyourdreams #livingmydream #nevergiveup #fpvaddiction I'm getting excited for this weekend!! Are you??? Adding to the racegates a second SkyGate. Come out and have an epic day with us. Message me for more details.

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#wow these nugs are big with a week and a half left. #OurStuffIsSticky #nuglife #growerlife #livingmydream

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Heslo dne: Nikdy se nevzdávat! 💪🏻
Každý máme své sny a cíle a všichni dobře víme, že cesta k nim mnohdy není jednoduchá. Důležité je vydržet, nevzdat to a vytoužená odměna se dostaví! 😉
Mě už zbývá posledních 18 dní přípravy a pak příjde "odměna" ve formě několika minut na podiu, kdy bude doufám forma lepší než kdykoli předtím. 😍
Ale co Vy a Vaše cíle? Vysnili jste si kulatý zadeček, či pevné bříško do plavek? Chcete být konečně zdraví a nezadýchávat se v půlce schodů? Tak je na čase s tím začít něco dělat! 💪🏻
A právě s tím Vám mohu pomoci. Zbývá mi ještě několik volných míst pro nové klienty v Plzni, tak dlouho neotálejte a ozvěte se ať spolu můžeme začít pracovat na Vašem novém, zdravějším já! 😉

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The cameraman rocked on the set of my commercial. He sat in a wheelchair and was pushed around to get the shots he wanted. It made it easier for him to spin and get low shot angles. Filming is so cool! #tweenactor #momentswithmakoa #commercial #onset🎥🎬 #filming #livingmydream #lifeofanactor #industrykid #setlife #behindthescenes #cameramen #grip #cameratechniques #greatcrew #alwayslearning #filmmaker #exposure #keepshining

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My dream will come true one day to have an opportunity to be the first guy with autism to drive a Monster Jam truck in history.
#monsterjam #monsterjam25 #mjworldfinals #mjworldfinals18 #monstertrucks #superbowlofmonstertrucks #keeplivingmydream #autism #autisticwarrior #monsterjamuniversity #livingmydream

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It's still hard to believe my last 5 speaking events have been SOLD OUT!!! Hard work truly pays the best interest. I'm in New York City, the Big Apple, in the city that never sleeps.
I can remember when it was just a dream wanting to be a great motivatonal speaker. Dreaming that one day I would be speaking in front of thousands of people. Now it has become my life's REALITY!!! Walt Disney once said "All your dreams can come true. If you have the courage to pursue them" I can honestly say that I had to leave FEAR at the front door, exit out the back door with DEDICATION and DETERMINATION and hit the road, never looking back!!!! Folks you will have to buckle up your seat belts. The road trip from dream to reality can get a little bumpy and even ruff with some POP UP HATERS along the way. But you need to use them as fuel to get to your next destination. If you stay consistent and don't quit you will arrive to your new REALITY, I'm sure of it. And I promise you there will be no REGRETS. Well that's not entirely true, it might be one. You may say this to yourself "Dam I should have done this much sooner" LIVE YOUR DREAMS FOLKS..... I would like to thank Lee and Eric @barbershopconnect for this Amazing opportunity. And I would like to thank everyone who came out in the freezing cold to attend. And I can't forget my good friend Curtis Smith @xotics for believing in me. Thank you so much!!!! #barbercon #darrinlyons #motivation #purpose #motivationalspeaker #mentorship #changinglivesdaily #imblessed #livingmydream #giveback #passion #tanglesandlocks #newyork #education #godfirst #barbershopconnect

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Goodbye solid food and hello pudding and ice cream for the next few days 😍 Tomorrow is the day they take my wisdom. Kind of excited and kind of terrified! Any tips to make wisdom teeth removal more "enjoyable"?

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Morning IG!! Long weekend coming!! 😍😜😜