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When Mother Nature wants to try cosplay and she chose Blade Runner 2049 #londonweather

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@londonandaway with another awesome photo of yesterday’s view of London, one of the more interesting skies we have had. But if we went back in time to the year 1091AD on this very day, London had a very different skyline. The first ever recorded tornado hit London! Obviously a bit before we started to name these things, the London tornado destroyed much of the city of the day. Wooden houses didn’t stand much chance at the estimated 200mph winds, 600 buildings were supposedly wrecked. The London Bridge (whatever incarnation stood across the river back then) was also damaged. To give you an idea of the strength, four 26ft long rafters of St Mary le Bow Church (Cheapside) were driven so far into the ground, that only 4ft was visible afterwards. 😳🌪️ #thelondonstories

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We loved this amazing shot by @mondomulia from the Sky Garden!📸✨ “Go where you feel most alive.” XX #londonviews #londonlife

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I have lived in London for a couple of months but still find it hard to fit in well with the freezing and windy London weather #londonweather #londoner #windycity #freezing #selfie

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#Astrology.#Astrometeorology.#LondonWeather:To Those of you in the UK Who Have Been Asking Me,"Why is the Sun Orange?","What's Happening with the Sun?","What's Up with the Sun?",or in Typical London-Esque-Slang,"What's Gwarning with the Sun Bruv?",My Answer is As Follows:We are Currently at the End of Solar Cycle 24 & Heading into a Solar Minimum(or a "Grand Solar Minimum" as this Particular One is being Referred to by Meteorologists).As a result, SunSpot Activity is Decreasing and the Sun is becoming Less Active. Thus, Effecting the Earth's Magnetosphere and causing Galactic Cosmic Rays from "OuterSpace", to be able to Enter the Earth's Atmosphere. As a result the Balance of Weather on the Planet is being Severely Effected & Extreme Weather Conditions are Rife(IE:Hurricanes, Floods, Mass Moisture in areas, Mass Dryness in Areas.Mass Crop Failiure & Mass Food Shortages seem set to Follow; All As Per-Usual based upon the Historical & Statistical AstroMeteorological Data that is Available). As a Result, these "Natural" Disasters as well as the Sun "Falling Asleep", is Effecting the Appearance of the Sun. Thank You.
ThaBadbrey Herbalist Asar,Ancient Astrologer.
(PS-:If Need Be, I May Record a Video Explaining The SunSpot Cycle and its Implications, in Further Detail. StayTuned.)
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