jimoh nafisat (@nafsyj)

As u made me smile May you always smile every day of your life #lovealltheway

jimoh nafisat (@nafsyj)

I smile every time a memory comes up and you are in it .. #lovealltheway

Layla Negron (@alifewithyoga)

What do we miss out on in life when we rush from one thing to the next? What beauty do we not see? What information do we lose about ourselves and the world around us? Take some time each day to slow yourself down. Maybe it’s bringing your full attention to the sounds around you, to everything visible within your sight, to the feeling of whatever is touching you, the air and the ground beneath you. Maybe it’s moving your body so slowly that it takes all of your attention to do it. Noticing each shift as it happens allowing you the ability to learn what needs to engage and where you need space to move better. Maybe it’s listening to a song and hearing every sound and every lyric, or listening to someone speak and hearing every word not allowing your own thoughts to interrupt. Practice observing and appreciating every expression of love from those around you. How often are we this present? It’s hard. Harder than any tricky move you’ll find in these little squares. But all so much more rewarding. Try it 🌺🎼 @angusandjuliastone cover of #staywithme

Advocate Alwena Denton (@alwenadenton)

Wednesday Wisdom... "And what is as important as knowledge? asked the mind.
'Caring and seeing with the heart', answered the soul."
~ The Voice Of Love
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Be a caring soul. ❤️ #thevoiceoflove ❤️

Refresh Yoga Center (@refreshyogacenter)

In Depth Class Series: Vinyasa

Caroline Mary (@yogicoddfish)

do not be afraid of slow moments - @yung_pueblo
we’ve been to three states in four days and everything is moving at lightning speed and we’re seeing so much and I just want it to slow down so I can


in out up and in between

the stream of this experience

but it’s the slow moments, the ones that stop time, created out of a space with no expectations and only pleasant surprises. moments that make you feel more


take time for slow moments but do not force them. they come unexpectedly and serendipitously. the only prerequisite is a willingness to stay open so they may come and go as they please, making sense in their own way in their own time. .
#lettinggo #lifeinrealtime #yoga

Layla Negron (@alifewithyoga)

A lil #toetaptuesday cross body play. This was suuuper hard to come back up on both sides for me. Damn. 😅 I really enjoyed the challenge of it though. Toe taps are one of those things where flexibility is definitely your friend. The more your hips have to drop to bring your feet in, the more shoulder stability and core is required to lift back up into your stack. So if you can’t go all the way to the wrists (like me :)) then explore your edge to find the deepest you can go and still have the control & strength to lift back up. Try it and let me see how it goes! 😄