Animal Aid International (@animalaidintl)

🐾IT'S CATURDAY AFTER ALL! ENJOY THE VIEW WITH YOUR PET!🐾. 🐾Friends, dont forget about our sweet Rosie.
🐶 Pup Rosie needs a third surgery. This is the little sweetie whom we helped earlier this year with funds for her first two surgeries after she was hit by a car and left for dead on the streets of Bulgaria. It is a miracle that Rosie was able to drag herself away from traffic to the side of the road. With a shattered pelvis, many beings would simply give up. But Rosie wanted to live! Your help allowed this sweetie to start the path to recovery but a third surgery is needed to allow her to walk and have full control of her bladder and bowels, all of which were impacted by the pelvic injury. Please donate any amount you can spare to Rosie! YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE HERE or USE THE LINK IN BIO :
🐾Rosie's page on our website:
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Maegan Carlile (@maegan_carlile)

One mans trash is another mans treasure.... I find this saying to be true over and over again with my fosters.
A lot of times we have no idea where they came from.. were they really strays? Or were they owner surrendered and the owner just said it was a stray they found? were they abused and ran away?
In Romo's case idk the full story, idk of his owners were nice people but I do know 2 FAMILIES gave him up. 2!!!! What kinda dummies are they?! We know he had a microchip linked to an owner that owner said no we gave him away. They contacted the new people who said they lost him and now have a new dog and don't want him back.
Obviously these people weren't worthy of him. Romo is an angel and so loving and affectionate. Also so calm! We are working on his getting used to his crate (I assume he was an outside dog with all the sores on him), and learning more of the basics! He already knew sit! .
We won't ever let a unworthy/sketchy family adopt him... no more bouncing around for this love bug!!! Can you imagine how confused and upset a dog would be getting moved around house to house family to family all the time? 😞never again!

Nikki Garrett (@graveyard_betty)

Old girl just chillin at the vet's office #Kiera #Lovebug #dogsofinstgram

Jackie Fyan (@jaf_pearson)

This little girl could not wait for the little service after the tea party to run up on stage.....she just wanted to dance for everyone lol. Also princess anna was there!! Her little arm asking for someone to dance with her ♡♡♡ no stage fright there at all. #lovebug #princess #princessteaparty