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Wanted a buffalo chicken slice, but settled for a plain one instead #ohwell #noregrats #SohaEats 🤗

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✖️trigger warning: Rape ✖️
-story 2 of 3 ~national sexual abuse hotline :
This is someone's story they dressed more masculine (for a female) or more feminine (for a male ) or they were transgender or any other member in the lgbtq or they were a poc and someone decided to put them in their "place" and violate them...this is what I like to call hate rape...also someone might not recover from hate rape like the person in the edit..they might hate themselves sm and feel so disgusted with themselves that they end their own's hard to hear but it's important to say🖤

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Birthday present. Jen is the best smoothie on my new tiger mug thank you for my mug jen loved ittttttt ❤️😘 #birthday #birthdaypresent #tiger #lovedit