Claire (@clairevchc)

This sign showed up as a surprise this afternoon! We've been to a couple weddings with 'non-traditional' vows that have left us smiling and shaking our heads. After 20 years, We know the vows 'in sickness, poorer and for worse' have been the tough ones to keep. Vowing to 'love you more everyday than the day before' sounds lovely, but in reality, that's an impossible vow to keep. Marriage is work, but SO worth it! This is one I suspect we'll keep! #lovehim #stillsuprisesme #hungitrightup #smallwoodhome

Wicked Stitch (@thewickedstitch)

My amazing husband always know how to make my week! I received this beautiful flower display with "Amazonian Leaves" today. #lovehim #picsdontdoitjustice #amazing #amazonflowers @beardsfloral