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'...if you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy!' (And anxious, hahaah). #goldenretriever #pictureoftheday #goldensakc #akc #goldensofinstagram #lovelydog #littleprincequotes

Tiara♥️Love (@fuka_py)

ずいぶん前に届いていた@puppilyhills さんオリジナルブランドの可愛すぎるスカート風のマナーベルトもやっと引き取りに🎵😅
ティアラはホワイトにシルバーの星とブラックにゴールドの柄の2枚を🎵、 ティアラはパッドではなくオムツ派ですが、オムツの上にもマジックテープでかんたんに付けられて、まるで可愛いスカートをはいてるようで💕👍

Nicola (@nicola.the.dog)

❗️Everyone here is an important announcement ❗️
Please go follow my good friend Lucy the bunny! @lucy_the_bunny1013 My owner and her owner are good friends and could really use support! Lucy and i are great friends and we would both be very excited if you followed and liked our pictures. My instagram follower goal is 50 and i will have a new setup for each of my posts, meaning there will be no question of the day anymore. Anyways, i gotta go before Kaylee (my owner) sees that i took over the account. Peace out!

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