Edwin Broni-Mensah, PhD (@drbroni)

That time when I became a rapper 🤘🏿✌🏿🖐🏿✊🏿👍🏿

Throughout my childhood I always wanted to join in with the MC'ing as so many of my friends were wanting to be rappers. However, I had a passion and love for mathematics so I dedicated my time to sharpening that craft. As the years rolled by, these same friends became musical celebrities and so many of my friends would feature in their music videos. I couldn't as I was then living 300 miles always at university...

Even though I love logic and am analytical I've always been more of an outwardly expressive person who enjoys spreading more happiness.

Now that I run my own company I thought to myself "heck, why don't I produce my own EP and shoot a rap video about tap water. I can do whatever I like!!". And so, within 12 hours I had hired a camera person, wrote the lyrics (shout out to @sheezaashah for the support here) and then shot it 🎥🎬💥.

I am constantly reminded just how much freedom entrepreneurship provides and how, through the business, I can live out so many of my passions and doing fun stuff!!

Comment below to let me know what other songs I can remix for the second track on my EP? An idea was 'Return of the Tap' a remixing of 'Return of the Mack'

Click link in bio for more laughs in the full video 👆🏿

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Bruna de Sá Ribeiro (@brunalpsr)

Preparativos para o primeiro S João da pulguinha! Família toda junta! Balões de S. João sem chama! Nova tradição 👌❤️
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Laura Dougherty (@lauradougherty525)

Oh, this lil Trouble Maker! Lol. Pat strategically placed the gate to keep a lil munchkin from the stairs and this was 5 seconds after daddy left for work. Hee hee. Can't say I'm surprised!! #babygirl #mysinpiration #beyourownhero #inspire #follow #bossbabe #bethemomentum #lovemylife #workfromhome

silvana | 22 (@ixosilvanaxoi)

I have you. A lover and a friend. You are everything I need. You are the sun, the air I breathe. Without you, life wouldn’t be the same. Please don’t ever go away. And if you go, then don’t forget to take me with you. ❤️ #boyfriend #lovemyboy #lovemylife #foreverandaday #sushi #selfmadedress #shushiroll

Rachel | Jesus➕Food➕Fitness (@racheljmitchell)

There's nothing like a good, challenging workout to change your mindset. 💦💦
I shared this morning that my sleep hasn't been great and my mind has been burdened with lots of different things. .
I'm so thankful God fitness into my life three years ago. Not just so I could look better, but so I could FEEL stronger and have an outlet to release the ensign that sometimes builds up in our mama brains!!! .
I don't come CLOSE to having it all together! I'm a HOT MESS most days, and I'm ok with that. It makes me human. Which makes me NEED God and my sweat sessions. .
So today I prayed away the worries and sweated out the tensions!! 🙏🏻💦🙏🏻💦
And the women in my online faith and fitness challenges are doing the same!!! If you're ever ready to seat with us, COME JOIN US!!! My June challenge is FULL but I'm collecting emails for July!!! Drop your email below and I'll contact you with the info!!! .
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