Amy Dial (@fitnessxfaithmama)

Hearing about the great first day of school from both kiddos, Nothing makes this mama more happy than having Happy Kiddos! 🤗
PS ---- HUGS ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER!! #momlife #fitnessxfaithmama #growingup #prekmom #boymom #growthspurt #lovethem #inkedgirls #momswholift #lovemyson #lovemydaughter #empoweredwomen #lighthouse #sockstyle #fuf #trendy #smiles #motherlove #coach

Natty Mithchelle Leonel M (@nattymleonel)

#9months #lovemyson #lovemybaby #mommysboy #babyboy #hijomio #hombremio #amordemivida #amorverdadero 👶🏽😍 El tiempo pasa volando ya 9 meses hace que te vi por primera vez y llenaste mi corazon del amor mas grande puro y verdadero Te Amo Amor de mi vida 👼🏼

Oak (@little_lost_oak)

When your kid is to cool for school. Summers almost over. Going to miss these days. #minnesota #minneapolis #saintpaul #kidsofinstagram #thirdgrader #momlife #lovemyson #summer2017

Kyle Heintschel (@kyle_heintschel)

Went out to do some prop testing today. Had a beautiful afternoon to run around the lake. #lakegrapevine #bajaboats #lovemyson #iwannagofast

Carlos Contreras (@ccontrerasvergel)

Incluso en el peor de los días el verte hace que no pierda la esperanza... #Mathias #lovemyson #elmotordemivida #missyou #miconfianzaestaendios

N. Alicia Arias 💝 (@n_alicia2)

Happy 2️⃣1️⃣st Birthday, Nathan🎊🎉🎈🎂🎈🎉🎊 Congratulations.  What an incredible time it has been getting to this day.  You have overcome so much as a baby and you have accomplished so much for yourself in the past twenty-one years.  As our second son, you have fulfilled every hope and dream of ours and continue to do so.  Your name alone gives meaning to who you are to us.  The Hebrew meaning of your name is “Gift from God” and quite literally you have enforced that meaning in our lives.  Twenty-one is such an amazing point in life, its symbolic of adulthood, it’s a target age we are certain you have been looking forward too, yet it is not the pinnacle of your life.  You still have so much life to experience and enjoy.  We couldn’t be prouder of the path you are following.  You have such self-discipline, direction and drive in your life.  You make it easy to be so proud of you, you make it easy to admire you, you make it easy to support everything that you do, and you easily put a smile on our faces every day.
 Make the most of this year. We pray that good things continue to come your way.  We pray that you continue reaching your educational goals and all things you aspire to do in life.  We love you more than you’ll ever realize.  We will always be here for you and as we’ve come to realize, we know you will always be here for us.  We love you, and will always pray that God guides you in the direction meant for you and that you have the faith to follow that direction.
 Enjoy life Son, learn from everything you can because you’re capable of anything. ❤️ Love Mom and Dad😘
PS: The Macarena was the number 1 hit song on the billboard list the day you were born.  Now you know which song to request if you’re planning any partying.