Kenbrook Bible Camp (@kenbrook_bible_camp)

It is that time of year again! Come out TOMORROW - Saturday, October 21st, for a free day of fun, friends and food. Beginning at 10:00am and going to 3:00pm, you will be able to experience the fall season at Kenbrook. Bring your friends and family to participate in our many activity areas. We cannot wait to see you! For more information or to RSVP please contact us at (717) 865-4547, or #fallfamilyfunday #kenbrook #kenbrookbiblecamp #family #fun #camp #camplife #loveoutdoors

Uthermic (@uthermic)

Over each and every obstacle that we come across in life, there is always beauty on the other side. No one said it would be easy and there are hundreds of times that you probably feel like it would be easier to stay at home and do nothing, but doing that will make one thing certain, You will never, ever see the beauty of what our amazing world has to offer!  Thank you for all of your amazingness @bremirynech #uthermic #coldscreen #inspiredbywarmth

Bernadette (@bernadette_marie)

The heavens decided to open here yesterday so I spent the afternoon with my sketchbook. I've been working on some Poison Dart Frog drawings watercolour drawings. I'm planning on filling the whole page with them.

Alison LaMantia (@alisonlamantia)

Another simply beautiful day.

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Follow for moments of reflection and healthy living 🚲⛵️🐾 The original definition of ‘sell’ is to give, lend or supply, and to buy is to exchange for money , so think about sales differently, most people just want to help so don’t spurn them, they actually want to help you with a need, if that works for you then you can exchange it for money🏆

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Shanda Call (@shandacall)

I read this today in an article from Susan Stripling and could not express my heart any better!
So often people wonder why I’d want to be so busy all the time or “don’t you want to spend more time with your kids.” I rarely have ever heard a man asked this question. It’s ok for them to be busy and be away from their children more.
I love my children. I love being busy. I love being a commercial photographer. People often talk to me rather condescendingly like I couldn’t possibly be a successful commercial photographer as a woman, as a mother with three young children. but I AM. And I love it. I am booked a lot, I am gone a lot, I am BUSY a lot and totally ok with it. I even love it. It works for me. Even with all my busy I still spend quality time with my children and they are loved and well cared for. And I get to not completely lose me and who I am in the process of being Mom.
Susan Stripling says it best: “I like working. I am 100 percent unapologetic (why should I be?) about the love that I have for owning my own business. Why do you assume I want to be home with my kids all week? Why can’t someone, for once, assume that I like having a job — oh, and that I can also like my kids and spend time with them, too? I want a seat at the table of equality because I am a great photographer and a great businessperson. I want more women, more women of color, more diversity everywhere in our industry. I want it because that is how it should be.”

Girls do love outdoors (@girlsdoloveoutdoors)

Deep in the woods you will feel the heart of the earth 🌎❤️thanks to @sproutingzentravels for sharing this pic from Washington.

paula dawes (@raisingcubs)

Such a beautiful crisp autumn day, perfect for leaf throwing and hot chocolate ☕️

Craghoppers (@craghoppersofficial)

The weekend is here, so what are you waiting for? #getoutside

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