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Gian nan mà không nản mới thấy là mình yêu nơi này như thế nào!!! #lovesaigon

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Nothing better than #weekend with hometown food and #sweeties in a #rainyday

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Seems like people will care more about what to write in the caption box when thoughts are really need to be out. After all, there's nothing wrong with expressing feelings, sometimes. And ain't feelings are born to be expressed in many different ways?
Now and then, it is no doubt that the hardest thing in this life is to balance. Look inside and make decisions, what to do, when to do, what to think, even what to feel. People are colours. None of them are the same. There are shoulds and wants. So the aims is different, and for that, on one problem, they feel different. 6 can be 9 upside down.
What we do depends strongly on how much we understand ourselves. Black is painted black. But to have Purple, we need Red and Blue. If it's right from the start, we do it right. But if it doesn't, doing what we want is not a good choice.
The truth is, we can't always do just what we want or what we should. The key is to balance. But too bad, the key depends on time. An 5-year-old girl can never understand how it is to be a mother, and a 25-year-old boy can never think like a man. There are things that can't be pushed, so we can only fix it, not force it. Practice makes mistakes, and good things take time. It is okay, and it is normal.
After all, people are people, and people are the same too. Same problems, same stages. That's how life goes on.
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Nhà có 3 người con gái sống chung. Mà 2 đứa lớn chưa có ai để thả thính mà cũng chưa đốp thính ai.
Ấy zay mà... con nhỏ nhất ha... dạo này ha... đêm đêm nằm nhắn tin zoi troai rồi cười ríu rít 1 một ha...
Hôm nay tui buồn mà thấy mẻ cũng mắc cừ lây.
Tui buồn đừng hỏi vì sao tui buồn.
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