Olivia🌺 (@oliviaoppe)

6 years of friendship and we could not get any closer #nothingchanges #lovethesegirls 🍸🎀

Lucy Allatt (@lucyallatt8)

Trying to relive our uni days 😩shame we didn't get a group photo! #lastnight #girls #manchester #uniblues #reunion #reunited #uni #lovethesegirls

Kelly Rose Becker (@krbflyer)

The game may not have had the ending we wanted, but so thankful I got to spend my night with these pretty ladies. Walking through Cleveland. In January. In 60 degrees. 👙✨💙#lovethesegirls #summerisalmosthere #clevelandweatherisbipolar

Stephanie McCleave 👧🏼 (@lilstephx)

Me and my @dawnie_simo except we're normally grabbing a tit or bum cheek instead of hugging 🤸🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️ #lovethesegirls #crossfitgirls

Haley Howland-Patrick (@haleyhowland)

We look like crap! BUT... wait a sec... who's that is a GI?!! 🤗! I went completely out of my comfort zone this weekend! I overcame my anxiety by participating in a seminar AND I took my first Jiu Jitsu class today! Both were so much fun and addicting! I've always just come to Triton as Jordans wife and just watched from the seats, but today I walked in as another person! Not the same ol Haley who would just admire from afar. Thank you to all of the ladies who were just as excited for me as I was for myself! It feels so good and empowering to try something new, and it feels even better to do something that I haven't ever been able to do before! #thisisawesome #lovethesegirls #nomorepain #trysomethingnew

HeatherFunk (@miss.cheekychic)

Sunday Funday!!! Getting into the groove perfecting brows today!
#Lovethesegirls #sundayfunday #benefitbrows