Ich denke im Moment über so vieles nach. Es ist das erste Mal das ich wirklich anscheinend gemobbt werde. Ob es wirklich nur diese eine Person ist , sei mal dahin gestellt . Eigentlich ist es unheimlich traurig das man über 20.000 Menschen und seine besten Freunde hinter sich stehen hat und 2-3 Personen einen so heftig runter ziehen können. Es gibt immer Personen die man nicht leiden kann und das ist einfach normal ! Man ist nicht jedem Menschen gleich sympathisch . Aber ich erwarte wenn ich Beschuldigungen höre , wie die , die über 10 Ecken zu mir gelangt sind , von den Personen die Ehrlichkeit . Wenn ich das Gefühl habe ich empfinde etwas als nicht korrekt von einer Person , dann spreche ich diese Person darauf an . Die meisten die mir ewig folgen wissen das ich mir für meine Träume den Arsch aufreiße. Ich arbeite in einem sozialen Beruf und habe seit einiger Zeit noch Nebenjobs . Zudem bemühe ich mich auf Instagram für jeden einzelnen eine Antwort zu haben . Ich bin quasi durchgehend am arbeiten . Für das was ich hier nun erreicht habe , habe ich keine Worte . Ich bin so dankbar so eine tolle Community zu haben die immer hinter mir steht ♥️ ich hätte nie gedacht das ich mal die Chance habe an Events teilzunehmen oder Ähnliches . Das war ein Geschenk 🎁 sodass ich nun aus meinem Hobby eventuell irgendwann mal Beruf werden lassen kann. Wer mich schon ewig kennt weiß das ich seit meiner Pubertät mich mit Fotografie und Beauty etc. beschäftige . Es war ein langer Weg und immer viel Arbeit aber es war nur ein Hobby und hat Spaß gemacht . Seitdem ich das ganze öffentlich teile, kommen immer mehr Schattenseiten zum Vorschein . Aber ich werde nicht aufgeben . Denn das , ist das was die Personen wollen! Die Personen die es mir aufgrund von Selbsthass nicht gönnen können. Ihr gebt mir die Kraft dafür stark zu bleiben ♥️😔 Danke
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Kara Borysiuk (@kborysiuk)

A little windy but a great last day in beautiful Australia!!! Much love for this place and the fabulous people 💜🇦🇺🌊🐨 #canadaaustralia #ladyboss #lovetheskinyourein #believeachieve

De Bolton | CFT & NASM SFS (@faithfueledmom)

Not bragging just proud because last week I ate the mat (nor posting that of course cause you know IG is about the highlight reel) only kinda kidding. Today I nibbled the mat and then I conquered fear and look 36" yep, VICTORY!! #honormytemple #conquerfears #boxjumps #mmfitfam

Amy Nodine (@nodinegethealthy)

That moment you have to T I G H T E N your boot laces because your feet ankles and lower calves have gotten healthy too ✌🏻#nodinegethealthy #youareworthit #doitforyourself #lovetheskinyourein #ignoretheskinnypantasagging

Eating Psychology Coach (@fitmiss71)

What is your body image?
One thing I noticed is that it didn't matter if I was 100lbs or 120lbs.. my body image was still negative, degrading, full of fear, and an "all or nothing" approach.
It wasn't until I stopped trying to control my body image that I could relax into loving myself and body right now. In that place my body image improved and so did my self talk and relationship with food.
#BodyimageMovement #IPE #EatingPsychologyCoach #Quest2SelfLove

Orginal Photo: @slthephotog
Quote: @bodyimagemovement

Dzigbordi (@dzigbordik)

I have been following the conversations on this issue of the promotion of the Nivea brand as a complexion altering product. I have a lot of respect for big brand companies and some of their exceptional business strategies but when I see a message that has the ability to pierce the heart of not just an individual but an entire community and a culture,I can’t stay silent. Some of us who have engaged firsthand the impact of what a simple statement can do to a persons self esteem and have them take an action that will destroy the very essence of their life,take this issue personally. My own mother was a victim of a simple conversation that was promoting a skincare product and she took action resulting in irreparable damage to her skin for the better part of her adult life, affecting everyone close to her. Look at the many young women out there looking for anything or anyone who will validate and build confidence just to live their everyday lives? Look at the deep desires to be perfect to please others and to feel a significant part of society so look for products that can transform their faces skins and bodies.Each and everyday,I strive to help people to love their scars, their scratches and their strength.For many years I have respected and recommended Nivea for communicating the values of an authentic lifestyle; “You don’t have to change anything about your skin to be beautiful just keep it moisturized and maintained.”Today I am utterly disappointed with this promotion in our space. Nivea has been in Africa for decades and knows better. Anything that can make you visibly fairer is a modification of the melanin content of your skin. Contrary to what many of us have believed, the darker skin tones are some of the most sensitive skin types that exist and therefore tampering with it can lead to very serious consequences. Whether you call it toning, bleaching, whitening, when the message says fairer..it’s simply trying to change your skin tone and it’s not on! Nivea please end this campaign now! I encourage each and everyone who can.. to SPEAK UP and SPREAD THE MESSAGE ; LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN!!! @nivea_uk @niveausa #lovetheskinyourein #saynotobleaching

Fie Cooper (@rodan_and_fields_perth)

#nomakeup #nofilter just #skincare that works!! Who do you know who would love the best skin of their life without appointments? No wonder it's #1 in the U.S. and now accessible to Aussies. Yay! Happy to help xx Fie

Sarah Geradts (@rodanandfields.sarahg)

I'm loving my R+F products and it absolutely feels like I'm giving my skin a big nourishing drink! If you're interested in trying our products I can't encourage you enough to take the leap! ✨There is nothing to loose! ✨
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your R+F purchases, therefore we offer a 60 day money back guarantee (no catches!) Love it or get your money back! So why wait when the only thing to loose is those fine lines and wrinkles 😜
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Face Affair Day Spa (@faceaffair_dayspa)

Sometimes there's nothing better than Red lips and perfect brows! 🔥
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• S C O R C H I N G • ☄️

MOBO (@mobonation)

Originally engineered for athletes so it can endure the most rigorous rocking and rolling. Each MOBO is handcrafted to insulate and massage. Perfect for everyday use and high performance activity💥
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En Curve Boudoir (@en_curve_boudoir)

Continuing with some colour this #humpday with this stunning mom-to-be!

Jess Bentos-pereira (@_caramel_and_co_)

Period pain, please go and die!! Back pain, please jump off a bridge! Drug withdrawals, I have no fucking words... KILL MEEEEE!!! But at least I feel thin in all my misery. Oh and PLEASEEEE SOMEONE BRING ME A DOUGHNUT!!!!!!!!!

QueenB.Braids (@qb.braids)

Don't have patience to sit down for ages. Get crotchet braids💇🏾 #queenb✨👑 #queenbbraids