Mahalakshmi (@maha_swastika)

Love tragedy vibes 😜
He gave you no choice but to leave. You didn't walk to walk away but he gave you no other option.....
If you're more in love with the man he used to be, than the man he has now unmasked to be, may be it's time to face the truth.
I understand that you stay for all the things he has done right but sometimes the wrongs outweigh the rights...
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MARIAM ARCILLA (feat. JAY Z) (@marzigold)

South Korean artist Haegue Yang recomposes everyday materials (venetian blinds, fake plants, lightbulbs, fans etc.) and complex items (scene emitters, heaters, aircon etc.) into room-sized environments of light, shadow, and scent. 🌚

At today's @biennalesydney talk, she discussed the abstractions and emotions behind her olfactory work. I liked how she delved into the mysterious and illogical process of learning and unlearning things, and the forked path of taking an eclectic jump or a stable step when it comes to toying with art and language. Catch her works at @mca_australia as part of BoS until 11 June and via her solo show at @ima_brisbane from June-August • Captions in comments • #HaegueYang #BiennaleOfSydney @mami_kataoka_2018 @yanghaegue

Els Sandra Deoktav (@elsdeoktav)

Basilica di San Zeno, the church that was used as the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's (the most famous romantic tragedy-love stories of all time 😍) secret wedding and final moments, where Romeo finds Juliet "dead" and takes his own life just before she wakes up.
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W.E.I.R.D.O😝 (@thatweirdowritergirl)

~ L O V E ~
I told her she was too smart and she needed to pursue her dream and go to college and that.... That we needed to break up for the better💔I wasn't gone be nothing more than a broken down nigga on these streets...I love her, love her enough to let her go💯😔I was never good enough for a good girl like her💯She was an honor student🎓and she stayed out of trouble and went to church🙏 Just an all around good girl😇 and her heart was so big❤️big enough to care about someone who could never be on her level, Who would always be looked down upon I thought I had everything but Drugs💉, The Money💰, The Girls💁didnt give me a rush like how she did because she was just different and she humbled me down from all of those things💯She still always lifted me up She didnt see me as another black young man on these streets💯 and helped me through the biggest tragedy of my life when my little brother was killed😭💔👬I felt like a piece of me was gone but she filled that void and gave me some sort of healing this feeling I never really knew... And that feeling was L .O .V .E💘 but now she must leave for college I'll miss her but I have to let her go😔❤️ #love #lovestory #tragic #lovetragedy #romance #sadstory #lethergo #forthebetter #writer #writingislife #myshortsories #shortstorychallenge

Maria 🌵🕶️☀️ (@juradita)

dedicated to the ones I love. I put you through hell, put you through dirt roads, muddy waters, hard unleveled concrete, hills & I stomp all over you. But you're always there for me. My support, my guide, my balance & my stride. Thank you for being the best partner a girl can ask for #shoes #runningshoes 🕶️✌🏽🏃🏻‍♀️

Joao Carlos Photo (@joaocarlosphoto)

Pedro & Inez
HasselBlad Master Book Vol.2 "Emotion"
Photography: Joao Carlos
Models - Luis Batalha , Malin @ Karacter
Hair stylist: Elsart
Makeup: Elia Le
pos produção:Gina Hernandez
Styling - Alexandra Moura & Ana Sabino
Photo assistants Bruno Melo, Paulo Reis and Diogo Aureliano
Legend has it that Pedro had Inês's body exhumed from her grave and forced the entire court to swear allegiance to their new queen by kissing the corpse's hand. She was later buried at the Monastery of Alcobaça where her coffin can still be seen, opposite Pedro's so that, according to the legend, at the Last Judgment Pedro and Inês can look at each other as they rise from their graves. Both marble coffins are exquisitely sculpted with scenes from their lives and a promise by Pedro that they would be together até ao fim do mundo (until the end of the world) #happyvalentines #happyvalentinesday #lovetragedy #pedroandines #throwbackwednesday #shooters_pt

Joao Carlos Photo (@joaocarlosphoto)

With #valentines day around the corner I figured I would share images from my Love Tragedy series .Romeo & Juliet
Hasselblad Masters Book Volume 2
Photographer: Joao Carlos
Model - Sebastião Jensen @ Karacter Models , Turqueza Soares L'agence
Hair stylist: Elsart
Make up - Elia Le
pos produção:Gina Hernandez
Photo assistants Bruno Melo, Paulo Reis and Diogo Aureliano gown men’s wear @alexandra.moura #romeoandjuliet #hasselbladmasters #mediumformat #sintra #lostlove #lovetragedy #sad #alone #photogeek #shooters_pt #instagrampt

Ezziq Aries (@ezziq_aries)

“See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,
That Heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!
And I, for winking at your discords too,
Have lost a brace of kinsmen.
All are punished...” - The Prince, from Romeo and Juliet.
#romeoetjuliette #musical #shakespeareplays #romeoandjuliet #damiensargueromeo #lovetragedy

Marcia Williams (@liveloveslayzone)

Ali and Nino statue in Batum Georgia. Artist Tamara Kvesitadze.
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MC Sheevaï (@sheevai_aie_aie_)

|Can i call you innocence ?
This song it's about love.
What is this beautiful and terrifying feeling ?
Sometimes is very complex...
Mainly when you fallin love with someone from her family.

Sheevaï 💜

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