Marnie McIntyre (@marniemcintyre)

Reading night at home for us - always a nice and calm change! (quite different tastes in reading materials but it works for us!)
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Assiduously Attentive 🖤 (@sone_nynj)

Moral of the tale is, don't think you are unsinkable. Because you never know what lies ahead of you.
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Tiffany Lodico (@tiffany_in_peaces)

One more from this new lens 😇
Because you should always think you are worthy regardless of what people say ✌🏼 .
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Meghan Hoetker (@lularoemeghanhoetker)

Serious debate happened last night about how to pronounce Teva AND whether they're cool. I am firmly team TEE-vah and yes. LOTS of my customers said TEH-vah and NOPE. We're both half right. Can't believe I'll be on a sandy beach in the Caribbean soon. Teva, take me away!

Amanda Moss (@mossy5376)

Everything happens for a reason❗️
It's up to you which way you look at it ‼️🌈

Lori Hardy (@marathonmom38)

Wednesday 🙌🏻 Made it through my shift despite waking up at 2:56 am today 😴😳 Chocolate cinnamon latte w/spinach & pb
Eggs w/sautéed sweet potatoes, pulled pork
Raw veggies
Burger w/turkey bacon, Dijon & avocado, sweet potatoes, walnuts, blueberries
Workout: Asylum Back to Core
Water 120 oz

🌏Ali May| Family Travel Writer (@whatalisees)

Live what you ❤️. Explore often. What do you do every day that fills your cup? Do you wish you could do more of that? Make time.

Courtney Marchbanks (@mrscourtneybrook)

I'm so honored to have this sweet girl join me with #Monat!!!! We met in hair school and she is definitely one who sets the bar high... As a friend, wife, mom, hairstylist, in life! She does it all! She truly cares about her clients and their hair and that's why she is going to do so well sharing the ONLY anti-aging, naturally based hair care line of products that have amazing clinically proven results of thicker, longer, stronger and healthier hair with the quickest results of regrowth possible!!! Her girls will definitely benefit from our natural kids line as well! I can't wait to see her clients, family and friends start benefiting as well!!! #DoyouMonat #AreyouReadyforMonat #MyMonat #MonatMen #MonatJr #Monatbabies #Natural #NOharshchemicals #Alopecia #hairloss #hairlossSOLUTION #loveyourhair #hairgoals #lovewhatyoudo #ilovehelpingpeoplelovetheirhair #amarillohair #amarillohairstylist #TheVanityHairSalon #JoinME #JoinMyTribe #GlamHairTribe #momprenuer #bossbabe #communityOVERcompetition #womenEMPOWERINGwomen #loveyourlife #MonatLife #MonatMindset #BUILDtheLifeYouLove

Amanda Turner (@amandaturner21)

Had a fantastic evening at the farewell reception tonight. Beachbody went all out for this fun evening on the beach complete with drinks, food, dancing & fireworks!! I cannot wait till the next trip. This has been so much fun but tomorrow I head home back to my babies.
1 year ago when I set the goal to earn this trip I had no idea how amazing it would be. I'm so thankfully for this amazing opportunity❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful Quotes That Inspire (

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Rachel Ryan (@rryan84)

Reallllly didn't want to hike tonight after work. Pushed myself out there and I'm so glad I did!🙌
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Mollie (@mollieterlinden)

Had that post sweat glow going on 💦 got some bike time in and although cleanse days recommend "light activity" I had so much energy! #day10 and I'm grateful for some heavy mindset shifts that are going on. I'm working out because I want to honor my body, not because I hate it 🤘🏻 @loriharder This challenge is shifting my 💚! #lh14daychallenge

Ginger Calem (@gingercalem)

I've spent the last weeks at @SevenSpringsRetreats in the majestic Smoky Mountains of TN. I was honored to be one of the teachers at a 200hr yoga teacher training through @kulacollective - What I've learned most about being a teacher is that I'm still a student. There were many highlights to my time at Seven Springs and near the top of the list was meeting this man, Yona, a full blooded Cherokee Elder from a tribe in North Carolina. I was able to share and pray in two incredible sweat lodges. This morning, my last day, as our morning practice came to a close, the hills sang and echoed the sound of Yona's voice and drum, singing ancient songs from his people.
There are times you experience a gift a pure magic in life. I had that gift this morning. It will be a treasure I carry in my heart forever.
Looking forward to seeing Yona again, to share wisdom, prayer, stories, and of course -- Sweat Lodge!
AHO!! #Cherokee #yogateachertraining #ancientwisdom #blessed #loveyourlife #shareyourstories #sweatlodge

Brittany.Anna (@baphelps1)

"A moment arrives when we look backwards, remember the beginning of our journey, and laugh at ourselves. We have managed to grow, although we traveled the path for reasons that were very futile.
🌑God uses loneliness to teach us about living together.
🌘Sometimes he uses anger so that we can understand the infinite value of peace.
🌗At other times he uses tedium, when he wants to show us the importance of adventure and leaving things behind.
🌖God uses silence to teach us about the responsibility of what we say.
🌕At times he uses fatigue so that we can understand the value of waking up.
🌔At other times he uses sickness to show us the importance of health.
🌓God uses fire to teach us about water.
🌒Sometimes he uses earth so that we can understand the value of air
🌑And at times he uses death when he wants to show us the importance of life"~Paulo Coehlo .
Being successful (doesn't matter how you define it) isn't about being able avoid life or keep it from happening to you, instead it's probably more about celebrating the ability to co-exist with contrast
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