Mary Sahagian (@hopeandcelebrate)

I’m so happy you love them as much as I do! Our lucky eye bracelets in gold filled and sterling silver are just so pretty!🌿✨💙 #luckyeye #evileye #HandCeveryday

Mavi Taş (@mavitas_au)

Exclusive Quality small sized Cobalt Blue, one side evil eye nazar glass beads made by a local Turkish artisans
Turkish Evil Eye Beads are still crafted the same techniques used centuries ago.
Traditional hand made beads are probably the oldest fashion item still going on and only getting more popular and more valued

I import these hand made glass beads directly from local Turkish Evil Eye makers.
Once, there were over 100 craftsmen in many villages, now just three remaining villages produce these unique glass beads.

Last of few artisans who are still producing using traditional furnaces have produced these exclusive, all natural product which cleverly combines rich history and modern living in a single colourful item.

Turkish artisans use recycled glass, they melt glass in their generations old furnaces that burn pine logs. Once melted mix them with special dyes and they shape the red hot molten glass, fuse all colors together one at a time with greatest talent passed down from generations.To create these exceptional beads they only use simple hand tools.

We use Nazar Boncuk-Evil Eye Bead-Turkish Lucky Eye beads just about everywhere for protection from bad luck. You will see them on newborn babies, in a brand new car, everywhere around the home, it's in every part of Turkish life and a very popular gift for your loved ones and friends.

Althought they all look the same none of them are identical as they are individually handmade and beautiful, this my favourite piece. I will be crafting macrame bracelets with these.... stay tuned! ❤️ sin. #bracelets #evileye #nazar #nazarboncuk #goztasi #mavitaş #beautiful #beads #turkishblue #originalevileye #macrame #jewelery #rarebeads #cypriotturkish #turkish #luckyeye #richhistory

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Yesterday I was gifted this beautiful book, cannot wait to fill it with poems. #luckyeye #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #dreadlockpoet #gifts

Mary Sahagian (@hopeandcelebrate)

Our lucky eye bracelet is offered in three finishes, gold filled, sterling silver and rose gold filled🌿And, you have two eye options, light blue and dark blue. 💙Which do you like more? #lucky #luckyeye #evileye

Mary Sahagian (@hopeandcelebrate)

It’s always in the details 🌿 This little lucky eye helps the bracelet always face the right direction✨finally in the shop! #luckyeye #lucky #evileye #HandCeveryday

Mary Sahagian (@hopeandcelebrate)

My #HandCeveryday 🌿 And that lucky eye bracelet? It’s in the shop! Happy Friday! ✨