ISpeakBraids Hairstyles&Braids (@ispeakbraids)

Side view of my Christmas hairstyle❄️ For some extra sparkle I used a flexi from @shannonyourhairhero 💗

Bee Markx, Photographer (@bianca.insf)

Shot by @miksel9 ——-
Trying to evoke my inner fairy today!
I have tons of work to do but I’m moving much slower than usual :/
I had some friends staying over this weekend and a bunch of us ended up kind of sick! I’m sure it’s just a cold and it will be gone by the end of the day ☺️
Until then, I’ll just fake it till I make it! Lots of tea, water, soup, emergenC and smiles ☺️
—What do you do to get over a cold?!

Katelyn Jernigan (@paintingpretty)

White on white
•text/dm for appointments•

Alex Centomo (@alexcentomo)

Baby Boo 👻🐶 Wearing my custom length @luxyhair extensions in blonde balayage. Use the code ALEXCENTOMO5 for $$ off 🙈💕 #luxyhair #ad

Inna Arutiunova (@thecurlyrainbow)

I am preparing new post about many pictures and is so hard to choose 🙈 But I will. Stay tuned.💋 #thecurlyrainbow