Maria Stella (@piunketta85)

Adoro questa pagina e molte dovrebbero dare un occhio! Io ho fatto il reset e adesso sono al terzo ed ultimo taglio con l'obiettivo stavolta di arrivare almeno a 2800 calorie ( volta scorsa sono arrivata a 2466 e 404 g di carboidrati). Al di là della pagina in sè, leggete e leggete tanto ad esempio sulla dieta flessibile ( che non significa mangio continuamente junk food), sulla reverse diet e sperimentate! #fitnessalfemminile #workout #dietaflessibile #macros #macro #massamuscolare #deficit #leggete #cultura #iifym #iifymdiet #reversediet

Matt Grimshaw (@grimmy_sisu_fit)

**Athletic Bodybuilding**
"You may be big but can you still move"
One thing that has stuck with me from my Crossfit days is still keep a level of conditioning even thou your all about the gainz •••••
Every 3 Min X10 (30 Min)
250m Row
15 Down ups
5 KB Snatch@24 (each arm)

ShrinkingStar (@marzipanprincss)

Some power food with mumma bear!
Mushroom udon soup for myself & veggie & peanut udon stirfry for mumma bear :)
Sided with a soy latte and soy hot choc.
#plantbased #protein #plantbasedprotein #macros #health #healthyeating #weightlosswarrior #70kgandcounting #cleaneating #food #foodie #chef

Groove Health (@groovehealth_)

Blue pools walk, Mount Aspiring National Park...

One of our amazing clients @bc_kiwi_14 has recently come back from an epic journey around parts of New Zealand in a campervan with hubby and their gorgeous little boy. 👪🚙

This is just one of the amazing places they got to explore. As well as lots and lots of fun playgrounds for their little one.🏞️

To me this is what life is all about. Creating those amazing memories with the family and being in the moment making the most of life and exploring our beautiful world.🗺️🌏

We love exploring as a family and i am looking forward to the day we finally hit the road long term and see where it takes us around Australia.🚙🛣️🏕️

Some may call us dreamers and you know what.... I can not wait to make make our dreams a reality. 🤗 putting it out to the universe and working towards making it happen