Lana Jankovic (@lanajankovic)

Happier than a bird with a french fry because I got to scope out the larches this past weekend for the first time ever! Warm sun, autumn in full swing, and the first kiss of winter snow... three seasons all in one day. Glorious.
P.s. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with Washington. Anyone want to adopt me so I can spend more time galavanting across the border? I've already started on my US adventure list for 2018 {what a keener hey?} , and WA, ID, WY, and MT are dominating the good majority of it!
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Heather Baker (@heatherd_baker)

This shirt gives me so many feels!
I remember when I purchased it, I was so pumped to find something that described what I hope to do. What I hope seeing my journey does for others. It's not always sunshine and rainbows over here, it's a journey... one that quite frankly has no clear destination, because the journey itself IS the destination. That can be hard sometimes! To keep going the course! To keep your head in the game!
I wear this to remind myself what I have been given through my journey. The highs and the lows. To make sure that I take all of it... the good, bad, and ugly. That I put it out there for each of you, with hopes that I just inspire one other person. Empower one other person. To help just ONE believe that they are capable of doing hard things, pushing past limits, doing the impossible to them. That no limitation is too great. You just have to choose to start! Felt good to knock that workout out this morning! Amazing what a year does!

Do you really think through the purchase of shirts you workout in!? Do you pick because it's cute!? Do you pick because it's funny!? Do you pick at times to lift you or others up!? I WANT TO KNOW!

Creating A Heavenly Haven (@graceann_oswald)

Happy hump day! I needed a mommy motivation this morning (anyone else?) Enjoy this beautiful thought and carry on mama! What you’re doing is of eternal consequence ♥️

Sarah (@coffeeandcardio89)

#LaterGram Better late than never right?! I hadn't been to the gym since I had been sick about two weeks ago but last night after my double I made myself a priority! Forced myself to go and was pleasantly surpirsed with how it went. I expected to get in there and feel really out of shape. Luckily that wasnt the case!
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Wearrative (@wearrative)

Part 2 of Story Ink: Family, Cancer and Caretakers Now Available! Link in Bio!!