Zuelene (@zuelene.troutt)

I had a great reunion with this jewel yesterday! I forgot how easily entertained we get when we are together! I am so glad we got to spend some time together. I enjoyed the food, movie, and laughter with you, @lisavdb1965 !!! I love you so much, and I look forward to many more future outings with you! #MakeTimeForThoseYouLove

Rachel Pearce (@raych_sd)

First date night out with my man since our baby came 😍❤️💚💜
Always make one for one another xox
#1stchapter #datenight #goldclass #livelifetothefullest #maketimeforthoseyoulove

Hajar Verrett (@hfhasan)

My Rocks🔸🔸🔸#rockinfamily I've always had an attraction to rocks...gem stones...crystals. Its something about the energy they possess. While they appear to be unmoved they emit a frequency that grounds you. They contain a spirit that connects you 🌾and very much alive in a very still form....
#familytime #waterlover #miamilife #maketimeforthoseyoulove #groundingstone #stones #crystals #wealthywellness

Carolyn Wright (@carohp)

Missing my Oakville sidekick D so much after getting to spend time with her before Crop & Create Toronto last weekend, we always have so much fun together & she just gets me. So lucky she came to the hotel to have dinner with me Friday night too! We've been through so much together & can still appreciate our friendship so many years later whenever we get the chance to reconnect. Love you beautiful girl, sending love & light as we keep making memories together! #friendship #sisters #love #laughter #blessed #so #lucky #tequila #adventures #dinner #drinks #friendsforlife #gratitude #memories #Toronto #maketimeforthoseyoulove #lifeisshort #JackAstors #latergram

CEO PRINCESS (@angelbuks)

Made By Mali. This is What She Does Every Weekend. She Hopes to Land on Kids Baking Championship One Day. And when She Does I Will Definitely Get A Live in Nanny. Definitely Can't Be Everywhere at Once.
www.madebymali.com #mysweetie #maketimeforthoseyoulove #kidsbakingchampionship

Y-von (@gotherbalife)

There's not much more to say than this. People make time for the things/ people who matter to them. Plain and simple. Never take relationships/ friendships for granted. Life goes on and people you were once close to have become a distant memory. #truth #dontlietoyourself #yourenevertoobusy #maketimeforthoseyoulove #bethefriendyouwantohave #doubletap #nofilter #ispeakthetruth #lifegoeson

Ms. Miriam (@dontouchjuslook)

"A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous." 💖

This is my beautiful niece London! Even though she's not mine biologically, I'm glad that God has given me the privilege to treat my niece the way I would treat my daughter if I had one. I love the way that she is unapologetically honest, humble, and straight to the point. Her level of intellect, communication skills, and loyalty are far beyond her years. She is seriously an "old soul" and such a joyful free spirit. She makes me smile when I'm feeling low, laugh when I feel like crying, and gives me tight warm hugs when I'm feeling lonely. I don't think that I'll ever understand how she knows the exact moment that I need her and all that she has to give, but I do know that my life wouldn't be complete if she wasn't in it. I love you London! #London #MyLondonPie #MyLondy #BlackGirlMagic #SpendTimeWithThoseYouLove #MakeTimeForThoseYouLove #BlessedBeyondMeasure #LondonStar (She LOVES to sing and dance! I can't wait to have another session of vocal lessons with her @donniehue @big_naedaddy and @tma2ckdapharaoh149 lol) 💖💖💖🤗

caoreilly (@caoreilly)

Betty is my favorite client ever. She is 76 years young, proud Texan, and enjoys gossip, talking about the Bachelor, and reading trashy magazines. Today she brought her granddaughter in, seeing how close they are was so sweet and refreshing. ❤️ #maketimeforthoseyoulove

Catherine Guidry (@catherineguidry)

"What inspires your creativity?" I heard this question over and over again at WPPI last week. For me, it's relationships in my life. I feel most inspired to document love when I'm surrounded by it in my own life!
I realized that I wasn't spending the amount of time that I should have with those I love recently. I was/am putting work, social media, travel and so many other things in front of that part of my life. I struggle with this a lot actually because I love my job so much.
For Christmas this year, instead of buying my parents a gift we planned this day on bikes taking them around the city of New Orleans. It could not have come at a better time. I am already feeling the love and rejuvenation that I needed! #findwhatinspiresyou #maketimeforthoseyoulove

Victoria at Newtrition NEWyou (@newtritionny)

Appreciate every moment you have with the people who are meaningful in your life. They are the ones who add color to your otherwise black and white existence... and if you're friends with the #beautiful and talented @erinnvstyle, she'll make sure that all that color enhances your aesthetic. ❤️❤️❤️. .
#loveyourfriends #morimotonyc #ikissedagirl #carpediem #maketimeforthoseyoulove #girlswhokissgirls #fitnesswomen #fitgirls #fit #longhairdontcare