Hello lovelies! We are selling makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blush palette and many more. All of them are 100% authentic since they are no fakes out in the market. so grab yours now!
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Corazones!! @benefitspain no retiraba sus famosos correctores, les daba un cambio de imagen. Menudo susto, chic@s!! Personalmente no me llaman la atención los nuevos packagings. Pero no podemos guiarnos por las apariencias. 🤔😁 Benefit asegura que tienen la misma formulación. Y como novedad: hay un nuevo integrante en la familia Boi-ing!! Hearts !! @benefitspain did not remove his famous correctors, he gave them a makeover. What a fright, Girls!! Personally I am not struck by the new packagings. But we can not be guided by the images. 🤔😁 Benefit ensures that they have the same formulation. And as a novelty: there is a new member in the Boi-ing family!!
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¡YA ESTÁ AQUÍ! ¡Os presentamos nuestra NUEVA colección de correctores! Como súper novedad el NUEVO corrector boiing con efecto airbrush y de textura ligera. Además, nuestros 3 grandes clásicos renuevan su imagen pero conservan su fórmula: #erasepaste es ahora boiing brightening, #fakeup 👉 boiing hydrating y #boiing 👉 Boiing Industrial Strength. Ya disponibles en 💥💥💥 Link directo en nuestro perfil 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

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So I heard that #YouTube has a new algorithm but I did not realize it was this bad! Usually a video would have over 1K views in 3 days or less (and that's without clickbait and #notifsquad) but look at how things are now.
I know this is partly my fault for not telling subscribers to click on the BELL button beside the subscribe button but I'm not the type to goad viewers for likes, thumbs up, etc etc because I know that 90% of my subscribers are grown men and women (not kids) who may not like being treated like sheeple but wow youtube!
How come my subscribers are sending me DMs asking why I haven't uploaded for months when I've uploaded 7 videos in the last 30 days? Wow lang!
So anyway, if you're subscribed to the #PinayBeautyAndStyle channel and wondering why you're not getting notifications for new videos, you really have to click the bell button and click on turn on ALL notifications at the drop down menu to ensure you won't miss new uploads. Wala eh, weird ni youtube so we have no choice but to take extra steps. Leave a comment na din pati thumbs up (or thumbs down if trip mo) para todo na this! Haha!
Btw, reviewed new products from @ebadvance and @careline! Check out the videos for the #carelineliquidlippie and new palettes plus review of the #ebadvance #silkybrowliner (3 shades). If this continues I'll scrap that platform and focus on blogging na lang.
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Preen.Me (@preendotme)

Dark and sexy smokey eyes is perfect for day to night! @preendotme #MUA @daniellexscott shares the deets to DIY:
1. First with a light red shadow on the inner crease of the eye you want to blend this out making sure it is soft and blended. You want to then do the same thing with a darker red keeping it a little lower than the last colour.
2. On the outer crease and lid you want to blend a chocolate brown shadow and then with a brown shimmery shade apply this on the rest of the lid cleaning up the crease making sure to blend everything together.
3. Now to bring the eye look together you want to apply the colours from the top of the eye to the bottom. First the red blending this out on the lower lash and then the brown right on the lower lash line.
4. Now apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes and a cream pencil to the waterline.
5. Apply a light highlighter to the inner corner and brow bone.
6. Finally pop on your lashes to make your eyes appear large and pop.
For a chance to be featured, upload your best beauty looks to
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Finally got the time to #roadtest the new @maybelline/@welovemaybelline products for #browsonfleek and #lineronfleek quest!
I'm super stoked to find out that new the products from the new #mnybrows line are now locally available. That #browpomade and #browfiber are wow! They let me achieve #kilayonfleek no matter when its a day that I want to opt for #naturalbrows or #fullbrows or a day when I want #instagrambrows.
The #maybellinenewyork #hyperink and #hypersharpliner have tips so fine you can use them to draw hairs!
Can't wait to share my findings after testing these new products to up my #browgame and #linergame!

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Husskie: Influencer News + Q&A (@husskiepress)

With her @maccosmeticsaustralia lipstick hitting counters this week, what better time to chat to this absolute babe @nikkiajoy about her life as a full-time beauty vlogger (including everything from her surprising past to weird bloopers)?! Head online to Husskie to check out the interview 👆🏻Link above 📸 @nikkiajoy