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Wow! This batch of calendula oil is such a beautiful deep yellow.
Let's see what effect it has on the finished product!

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Do all things with love. As some of you know, I have been a bit overwhelmed the last couple weeks. You know, when you have a moment of self-doubt and wonder if you will achieve your vision in the end...? If people will get your vibe and accept you... or reject you...? Stress, lack of sleep, pressure. Pursuing your dreams comes with challenges and challenges makes us stronger. I am feeling inspired again and ready to continue what I started. Remember when you forgive, you heal. And when you let go. You grow.

You know, we are all unique in our own way. Your true self, your kindness, your vision and authenticity, nobody can take that away from you... And this is who I am. Kind, passionate, authentic, a dreamer & achiever.

As a creator, founder & visionary, everything I do, I do it sincerely. My message: Do all things with love. Be brave with your dreams. Go ahead and create magic. Give back and empower yourself!


You belong.

You are loved.

You are accepted.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are doing your best. ❤️❤️❤️

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Working with an uncalibrated balance is like driving with closed eyes. Apart from the legal part, you need to know whether your scales measure precisely when you're creating your recipes.

Some scales are non-calibrating and you can not calibrate them at all when they are out of the fabric. Others could be calibrated with external standard weights.

Do you pay attention to calibration when purchasing new scales?

How often do you calibrate your scales?

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Wondering what to expect when you start to use the OKOKO Dragon's Blood serum & AHA serum? Here's a very compelling BEFORE & AFTER picture that speaks for itself. 👏👏👏 Seriously, see the improvement! 😱😱😱 Skin is much clearer, smooth and the appearance of facial spots has faded.

This colleague at Beauty Gallery used both Okoko best-selling serums and notice a reduction in her skin problems in less than a month. Although individual results may vary, this is pretty FANTASTIC! This is how good our products are!

Many customers have told me personally that they " Use so many products that don't do anything. "

At OKOKO results is our focus. We do regular consultations with our customers to create products that answer your most important needs. We create clever formulas using remarkable ingredients + proven actives, so that you can see a REAL difference on your skin. No fuss. No catch. Not a quick sale. 🌿

Formulated without compromise. Made to give you the most results from your skincare. Because we know you want results. Our products have helped many skins! And these serums have been consistent best-sellers since we launched them.

But, don't take our word for it. Discover our ingredients, try it for yourself and #exuderadiance. Thank you Beauty Gallery for this incredible feedback. 😀👏👏🐲💖

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Iodine value is a characteristic of oils and butters and you usually find it on the TDS and sometimes even SDS of the material.

It is an expression of the degree of unsaturation in the fatty acids. The more unsaturated fatty acids in an oil, the higher the iodine value.

For a hair & skin formulator it means that oils with a high iodine value are more sensitive to heat, light and oxygen .

There is however no exact mathematical relationship between the iodine value and heat sensitivity or shelf-life of the oil.

These properties depend on several other factors than "just" the iodine value: preparation method of the oil, impurities, unsaponifiables, addition of antioxidants are just a few important factors that affect the shelf-life and heat sensitivity of an oil.

Do you have a look at the iodine value of the oils in your formulations before you decide to use them?

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Sneak peek at our new December delivery... the new Okoko has arrived at Beauty Gallery in Macau. 😀❤️
If you are in Macau, make sure to stop by Beauty Gallery elegant stores to shop the new OKOKO skincare line including our new, elevated formulas in their new packaging. 😍
You can now indulge with some of your favorite products such as: our Dtox mask in their new packaging, the new 16 Précieux with Natural Retinol, the Sublime balm with AHA, our best-selling AHA serum and our unique, Elixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon (Dragon's Blood serum) our current best-seller. 🔸
Discover the soothing and healing nature of Okoko Cosmétiques and see beautiful, healthy skin. Exude radiance. 👌

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Our local library sets up the cutest xmas tree each year.
Have a lovely Sunday

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Allow me to introduce you our newest team member! 😀🤗🙏 She has been working with us for a while behind the scenes and we are due for an introduction... (by the way, this picture was taken at 5 Star Luxury Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim during an important meeting with them)...Did I say that Signature Okoko facials are now available there 😉? 🌿

Allow me to introduce you to Siu-Ling, a gem I had the pleasure to meet in Vancouver. She is warm, passionate, driven, hard-working and goal-oriented. 🌿

After learning about her, her passion for natural and organic skincare, and her work in the perfumery industry, I felt that she was an amazing fit for us. ⬇️ About her:

1) Siu-Ling was born in France and speaks 3 languages French (first), English and Cantonese

2) She is Parisian but now lives with her busband and daughter in beautiful Vancouver

3) She has a background in international commerce and supply chain management

4) Now Junior Formulator at Okoko Cosmetiques.
5) Creative, imaginative she loves making and sharing her favorite natural DIY recipes to get the glow!

Don't be surprised to see her from time to time in our stories sharing a recipe or 2 to get the glow.
Passionate about cosmetics and high-end fragrances, Siu-Ling has worked in the perfume industry in Paris, with some of the finest suppliers and factories. 🌿

Very excited for her contribution. Let's give a warm welcome to Siu-Ling! Keep an eye out for her bio on the website very soon. Great things are coming in 2018! 😊💜💜🙏

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Often the packaging is as important as the content to achieve certain purposes.
What do you think about this cute brush bottle for a shower gel? You can simultaneously apply the product and give the skin a good rub.

SkinChakra (@skinchakra)

When making shampoos and shower gels, the foam that is quite desirable for the consumer and during application could be a trifle during production.

In the industry they either deareate the mixer or centrifuge the product to reduce the foam but you usually don't have access to any of them in an artisanal lab.
Here we are using an overhead propeller mixer at a very low speed to blend the surfactant phase into the gum phase in a caffeine shampoo formulation. The amount of foam (unwanted foam during production ) is much lower compared to a manual blending.

How do you manage the foam when making shampoos and shower gels?

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Winter is almost here, we’ve all noticed the drop in temperature. When it gets colder your skin is more prone to cracking and becoming sore. Hand balm made with Shea butter and a soothing blend of essential oils can really help to prevent cracking and protects your skin. Our products are all made so that you can love and protect your skin.

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It looks and smells like summer but watermelon seed oil with its content of stearic, palmitic and linoleic acid is a very suitable oil for skincare in winter. It creates a lovely protective (but not greasy) film over the skin.
In which products do you use watermelon seed oil?

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When your fridge becomes christmassy 🤗

SkinChakra (@skinchakra)

It's so fulfilling when your products pass one stability testing after another.🎀 A nice and pleasant product that is unstable is as useless as a stable product with an unpleasant skin feel and appearance or a poor performance.

When you have a limited budget and space it becomes like the chicken or egg dilemma. Which one shall be fixed first: the stability or the performance/ appearance?

It is time and space consuming to run stability testing on all samples and you make, even if you run @home stability tests and do not outsource.
Which path do you choose for your tests? Which part do you fix first?

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Ready for natural cosmetic class @skinfullaffairs . Already Christmas spirit in town

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Therapeutic properties of arnica are related to a group of phytochemicals called sesquiterpene lactones. The main representatives in arnica CO2 extract and macerated oil are helenalin and helenalin esters.
Obviously the content is much higher in the CO2 extract (left bottle with a darker colour) than in the macerated oil and hence the application dosage is much lower.

Arnica extracts and infusions are used for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain relieving properties. The main application is in specialty before and after sport preparations. Not very common but there is at least one reliable and authentic brand that uses arnica extract in a belly massage oil to prevent stretched marks during pregnancy. Arnica could cause some skin sensitizations and should be applied sparingly . It should never be applied over damaged skin and open wounds.

Do you use arnica in your products ?

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Sneak peek at our elevated products in their exquisite new packaging. What's in your wishlist? #exuderadiance 😉🎊🎊😀❤️❤️👌🏼 video by

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We are so thrilled to see the incredible excitement and engagement from all of you Okoko fans!!! WOW so much love 😀🤗❤️❤️😘😘👏 GIVEAWAYS end Sunday morning (except ours), so check out our latest posts to enter to win!! 🌿

We have a new review on the Dragon's Blood serum that you must watch! 🌿

Thank you Danielle for taking the time to share your experience with 🐲! I'm so thrilled to hear that our best-selling serum has helped you too! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👏👏👏YES.

Wondering what it can do for your skin? Check out @crueltyfreeveganbeauty youtube channel to watch full review !

Our precious, finely crafted Super Elixir Le Sang Du Dragon is one of our #heroproduct, remarkable in many ways. We have sold out many times. We have helped many skins. Our 🐲 serum is like no other!

Formulated without compromise. Made to give you the most results from your skincare. Because we know you want results. Exude Radiance 🤗🙏♥️♥️👏👏💕

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It's time to order some ingredients and we have 20% weekend discount on our aloe powder.🛀

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Filling the jar with free lip balms for everyone in the audience in my demo talk @skinfullaffairs on Tuesday the 21st of November at 6.30 pm.
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