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Most of you have been asking and waiting for us to find and announce a replacement for the emulsifier for the self-emulsifying gel-to-milk system.
Here we are, sharing a KISS formulation with you. You'll be forwarded to the tutorial via the link on the profile.
Have fun

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Lecithin and its derivatives are among the most versatile but somehow underestimated cosmetic ingredients.
Lecithin is commercially available from soy, sunflower seed, rapeseed and corn oil. The ordinary and most pure form is known as a W/O emulsifier but it can do much more than that. It is a skin feel and penetration enhancer and a fragrance stabiliser.
Lysolecithin which is the emphatically hydrolyzed lecithin is more hydrophilic that the virgin lecithin and is used as an O/W emulsifier.
Then there are hydrogenated lecithin and lysolecithin as well. These are just a few varieties of lecithin.
How do you like/use lecithin in your products?

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Let's make a natural scrub
For decades PE beads have dominated the exfoliant market because they are cheap, available in various sizes and colours, are stable and have a long shelf-life and are pretty compatible in every matrix. PE beads are a nightmare for the environment thought and are banned in many parts of the world .

When it comes to natural and environmental friendly scrubs, the choice becomes challenging.
When designing a scrub you need to consider the following points at least:
🍀 the particle size and hardness
🍀 the density and viscosity of the carrier
🍀 carrier- exfoliant compatibility and possible interactions 🍀 microbiological impact of the exfoliant in the carrier

What are your favourite scrub carriers and exfoliants?

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When it comes to disinfecting instruments and vessels in a cosmetic lab, alcohols , mainly ethanol and isopropanol are the first choices but ethanol is subjected to high taxes in many countries and is restricted because of religious reasons in some other countries.
If you don't have access to or don't want to use alcohol for disinfection you may want to try hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide does not exist in nature as an ingredient but plant based hydrogen peroxide solutions are now available.
Like alcohol, the performance dependant on the concentration and the exposure time. Unlike alcohol, you need to rinse your vessels with sterilized water after using hydrogen peroxide to avoid oxidation.
There are even commercial disinfecting solutions available for different industries and applications. Each of them having their advantages and disadvantages.
What do you usually use in your lab?

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What a stellar day in London today! The perfect day to stay inside in the dark, hunched over the double boiler, making 100’s of #lipbalms for an upcoming collab! 😑
No but really I’m feeling these sunny vibes today... #London can steal your heart when the sun’s out 🙌☀️
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If you're looking for some last minute inspirations for Valentine's check the tutorial for this adorable lip mouse on our blog. The colour comes from cranberry micronosed powder and it is completely vegan. Find the link on the profile.

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Working with natural and unrefined ingredients has fascinations as well as challenges. Some unrefined oils and butters have amazing properties but an ugly colour or not a quite pleasant scent.
The Amazonian bacuri butter is one of those ingredients. It has a melting point around 35 degrees Celsius and literally melts over skin with a pleasant dry skin feel. If you can overcome your dislike for the colour and appearance and apply it purely over skin, it imparts a beautiful golden teint to the skin.

High in palmitic and oleic acids and high in antioxidants it is a lovely ingredient for both dry and greasy hair and skin.

What are the most unpleasant natural oils/butters you've worked with?

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You may have noticed that we use Shea Butter its lots of our products. Shea Butter also known as Woman’s Gold (as it provides work and income for women in 19 African Nations) is made from the nuts grown on a Shea tree. These nuts are boiled, roasted and then beaten by hand with water to extract the rich fats that are held within then nuts. This mixture is then boiled, skimmed and allowed to cool creating the amazing Shea Butter that we love to use on our skin and in our products.

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Lovely enough to eat?
Whipped body butter with green tea powder

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Muy pronto/coming soon

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Primeras muestras de sérum, hidratante y limpiador facial. Si te interesan nuestros productos, contáctanos/ first samples of serum, moisturizer and facial cleanser.

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Happy Monday everyone!

Here's another sneak peek at my first skincare products created years ago check 12 posts back for another sneak peek. 🤗💖 My initial products were not perfect, but they were beautiful, delicious, a joy to use and made with love. I was so excited. 🌿

Then my friends and family kept asking for more and I realized that I really love making skincare and I set out to learn everything I could and that continues today Lol. My passion caught fire at that moment.

So what inspired me to take it to the next level? The more I learned, the more I loved it. I felt that my first products were already making a difference for my entourage who loved them and with their support I set myself to study professional skincare formulation.

There is a difference between DIY, repeating recipes found online and learning the do's and don'ts of skincare formulation. 🌿

For example, ingredients knowledge and their ratio is important. Understanding the science of the skin and how actives work is also important. Knowing how to formulate and make safe products that are properly preserved is also another skill I needed to master. I wanted to know exactly what I was doing so I could offer clean, effective products that are amazing to use and based on sound technical knowledge.

So I took @Formulabotanica International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur program.
This included training in:
1) Basic skincare formulation

2) Advanced skincare formulation

3) Organic Anti-aging skincare

4) Facial masque therapy

5) Natural cosmetic preservation

6) Stability testing

7) Chocolate Spa products

I look back and realize how far I have come. Training with Formula Botanica gave me the confidence and skills to formulate exquisite skin treats that promote glow and radiance. 💖💖💖 When you have a drean and a vision, go for it. 🌿

Don't aim for perfection right away. Learn from your initial vision. Thrive to improve. Trust yourself and go ahead and create magic. You will be so proud of you in the end. 👍🏽❤️❤️😘

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Happy Sunday everyone! 😊💖 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by darling Shobhita @greenchicgirl for her new blogging site. A huge congratulations to Shobhita for launching her new blog.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏽 👏🏽😘 So very well-done! Check out her new website at

So recently, Shobhita contacted me for an impromptu (candid) interview. We chatted about Okoko new, elevated formulas, innovation, trendsetting, and contributing to growing a niche: next level, luxury green beauty.🌿 Shobhita asked me:

Why did you relaunch OKOKO skincare products? What prompted you to create elevated formulas?

My answer: I love to listen to our customers and getting their feedback is important! So based on the feedback that I received, I decided to work toward a better formula that would meet our customers’ needs and increase the efficacy, potency and results of our products.

Green beauty is rapidly evolving and we have to adapt. People are savvy with skincare and I feel they are now ready and expecting more innovation from the brands that sell to them.

At OKOKO Cosmétiques, our mission is to manufacture products of the highest quality that address important skin concerns while promoting glow and radiance. 🌿

We want to become recognized for creating stand out products that really improve people’s lives and make our mark at the same time.

What you get is the knowledge behind each creation (findings), top-of-the-range ingredients, clever formulas and more results, for you. The “next level” luxury green beauty. 🌿

Check link in bio to read my full interview with Shobhita. Thank you Shobhita for this amazing interview, you are awesome! #exuderadiance 👌🏽👏🏼👏🏼🤗😀❤️❤️

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Today i have been working on some new recepies. I just love the creamy feeling of this one 😊🌸
I am working exited - the new skincare machines arrive next week ✌️
I dag har jag jobbat på ett par nya recept. Jag älskar verkligen den krämiga känslan på huden från den här lilla produkten 😊🌸
Våra nya maskiner kommer nästa vecka.
Dom kommer göra att vi kan öka upp tillverkningen. Jag längtar! ✌️
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